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Marvel Pays Homage to the Past with Retro Painted Variant Covers

Marvel Pays Homage to the Past with Retro Painted Variant Covers

Welcome comics fangirls and fanboys to your Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend edition of Comics Relief! Lots of news going into the holiday for you comics fans, and to start things off, we have news on a bit of a blast from the past from Marvel coming next year. Read on for all the details!

Painter Joe Jusko Pays Homage to the Past with New Covers

Back in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, a staple of Marvel Comics was the corner box on the left hand corner of each comic, with a classic image of that particular title’s character or characters. That disappeared in the ’90s sometime, but now Marvel is doing a tribute to those images with a series of variant covers by famed painter Joe Jusko, who many Marvel fans will remember as the artist who painted several series of Marvel collector’s trading cards back in the day.

Throughout the month of February, over twenty Marvel series will feature Jusko’s reinterpretations of the classic artwork that appeared on the covers of most of Marvel’s comics for over three decades. Jusko will pay homage to the work of many of the greatest artists to work in Marvel comics, like Jack Kirby, John Buscema, Steve Ditko and many others. You can see 8 of the 20 images by Joe Jusko in this series by clicking on the following link: [CBR]

Grant Morrison Blends the Bible with Conan the Barbarian in Savage Sword of Jesus (Yes, Really)

Only Grant Morrison, the writer of Klaus and Animal Man, could pull something like this off. Morrison is bringing a brand new comic series titled Savage Sword of Jesus Christ to Heavy Metal, the magazine where he is currently the editor-in-chief. In an interview, Morrison revealed that, “It just seemed too much of a gift, especially in light of Heavy Metal and Heavy Metal imagery, to combine this notion of Conan the Barbarian and Jesus Christ.”

The artists for Savage Sword of Jesus Christ are the Molen Brothers, who are known for their work on The Aftermath, which is described as “an Absurdist comic book and art project consisting of science-fiction stories and artwork set in a retro-apocalyptic future.” Savage Sword of Jesus Christ goes on sale December 28. [Vulture]

Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal is Now a BOOM! Studios Book

Jim Henson’s classic film The Dark Crystal was supposed to get a sequel back in the day, but Henson’s untimely death in 1990 stopped that plan in its tracks. Now the film is finally getting a continuation—in the pages of comics, at least. Archaia—an imprint of BOOM! Studios—together with The Jim Henson Company have announced The Power of the Dark Crystal, a new comic book series that serves as a sequel to the beloved 1982 film.

The new comic is based on the screenplay by David Odell, Annette Odell, and Craig Pearce that was written for a planned feature film. This will be a 12-issue monthly limited series, and is going to be adapted by writer Simon Spurrier and illustrated by artists Kelly and Nichole Matthews. The first issue of The Power of the Dark Crystal debuts on February 15, 2017. You can see the cover image for issue #1 above. [Hollywood Reporter]

The Inhumans line Get Major Expansion with Three New Titles

As a result of the upcoming Inhumans vs. X-Men series, several new titles featuring the Inhumans are coming next year to Marvel, the publisher announced this week. First up is Royals, which is obviously about the Inhuman Royal Family, as they head out into space. In this series—by writer Al Ewing and former Teen Titans artist Jonboy Meyers—the Inhumans return to space to seek out the remains of the Kree Empire and discover the truth about Terrigenesis.

Also coming is Black Bolt, the first solo series for the Inhuman King. Written by The Crescent Moon Kingdoms novelist Saladin Ahmed, with art by Christian Ward, Black Bolt finds King Blackagar Boltagon (that’s his full name folks) incarcerated in the galaxy’s most dangerous prison.

Finally, Secret Warriors returns, from writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Javier Garron. The new series will feature Inhuman Daisy Johnson, also known as Quake, as well as her fellow Inhumans Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Inferno, and the Royal Karnak. Other non-Inhuman characters will be featured in the book as well. All three titles are scheduled for Spring 2017. [Newsarama]

More Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern Covers Revealed

Last week we revealed that DC Comics and BOOM! Studios were teaming up for an epic Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern crossover, and now we have a series of amazing variant covers for the first issue.  Variant covers for the six issue min-series include a movie poster homage cover by Steve Morris (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), a Silver Age-themed cover by Paul Rivoche (Batman ‘66), a foil-stamped cover by Felipe Massafera (Wonder Woman), and a vintage action figure cover by David Ryan Robinson (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). You can see them all in our gallery below: [Newsarama]

Images: Marvel Comics / BOOM! Studios / DC Comics / Heavy Metal Magazine


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