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MARVEL LEGACY Cover GIFs Combine the Past and the Present (Exclusive)

This fall, Marvel is targeting older comic book fans and new readers with its Marvel Legacy initiative, which bring back a few favorite heroes who have been off the board while remaining true to the past, present, and future of the Marvel Universe. It’s starting in September, with the release of Marvel Legacy # 1, an oversized one-shot by writer Jason Aaron and artist Esad Ribic. But that’s far from the only thing that Marvel has in mind.

Later today, Marvel is expected to pull the curtain back on its larger Marvel Legacy plans. But in the interim, we’re proud to exclusively premiere a few Marvel Legacy GIFs that combine classic covers from Marvel’s history and the homage covers created for the new event. First up is Todd McFarlane’s iconic cover for The Incredible Hulk # 340, which transforms into a new Black Panther cover that features Klaw and BP in place of Wolverine and Hulk.


We’re not sure how literally to take The Mighty Captain Marvel‘s homage to Hulk #1, but we doubt that Carol Danvers is getting her own gamma monster alter ego.


Not to be outdone, Daredevil‘s nod to John Byrne’s Uncanny X-Men #135 cover finds Wilson Fisk standing in for Dark Phoenix, with Daredevil, Black Widow, Blindspot, Elektra, and Foggy tagging in for the defeated mutant heroes.


Doctor Strange is one of the few series that gets to reference itself in these GIFs, although Loki appears to play a prominent role in an upcoming story.


Generation X also combines the modern team with the one from Generation X #1. Although in this version, Monet is the villain and she’s apparently still merged with her evil brother, Emplate.


Finally, we have the most bizarre blast to the past of them all: the cover from Moebius’ Silver Surfer miniseries which re-imagines the cover with Squirrel Girl as Galactus.


Which Marvel Legacy cover homage did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: Marvel Comics

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