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Beautifully Detailed Marvel Jewelry Lets You Bring Out Your Inner Superhero

We all have a little bit of superhero spirit inside of us, but some days you may want to show it off while keeping things subtle. Rather than wearing full cosplay to feel heroic, you can show off your super inclinations with this spectacular jewelry.

These pieces of fine jewelry look just like the real thing thanks to incredible detailing. Made of sterling silver and 14K gold, Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamatto pendant is screen accurate and will make you feel like the Sorcerer Supreme.

Feeling more like a man out of time? Captain America’s shield pendant has little gold straps on the back—making it more than just a necklace—it’s as if Cap himself was handing you his shield! Well, maybe if you were Ant-Man.

The detailing even makes its way down to the smallest of secrets. The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ring is available in its regular form or—plot twist— the double agent version which has a hidden Hydra symbol underneath. Tsk, tsk… Make good choices, folks.

For fans of Ms. Marvel, an Avengers A necklace just like the one Kamala Khan wears on the cover of issue #1 of the Ms. Marvel series is the perfect accessory for everyday cosplay.

All of the jewelry is handcrafted and officially licensed by Marvel. Every piece also comes with a certificate of authenticity lined with gold foil and packaged in a custom-designed box that doubles as a display case.

Let’s hope you’re worthy enough to wield the Mjolnir pendant, otherwise you’ll never be able to put it on.

See more of the Marvel jewelry in the gallery below or online at

Which piece of jewelry brings out your inner superhero? Let us know in the comments and tell us by tagging @nerdist and @justjenn on Twitter!



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