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Marvel Announces A-FORCE, An All-Female AVENGERS Team

Marvel has long had some of the best female superheroes in any comic book universe, and as part of the upcoming Secret Wars event, the publisher is giving these ladies a showcase unlike any they’ve had before. The House of Ideas took to The View to announce A-Force, a new all-female Avengers team, featuring the biggest roster of female superheroes eve assembled under one banner.

With the regular Avengers books coming to an end in May, the women of the Marvel universe are ready to take charge. A-Force will be co-written by G. Willow Wilson (the critically acclaimed Ms. Marvel) and Marguerite Bennett (Angela: Asgard’s Assassin) book, and X-Men artist Jorge Molina will provide the artwork. This is a big step up from previous attempts at an all-female comic like Marvel Divas, which tried to force well known Marvel heroines into a a Sex and the City-style framework

So who will be part of the new line-up? “She-Hulk, Dazzler, Medusa, Nico Minoru and other fan favorites, will take charge,” says series co-writer G. Willow Wilson. “We’ve purposefully assembled a team composed of different characters from disparate parts of the Marvel U, with very different power sets, identities and ideologies.” Included among the heroes is a new character named Singularity, who is actually a sentient universe who chooses female form, and is seen to the right of She-Hulk in the promotional image. The promo image shows Jean Grey as Phoenix as well, but that might be artistic license as a way to include all the high profile female heroes from Marvel in one image…although with all the different realities being showcased in Secret Wars, anything is possible.  Considering the promo image shows almost every major female hero at Marvel, interesting to note that the Invisible Woman is curiously MIA.

A-Force is set to hit this coming May. Check out the two promotional images below from artists Jim Cheung and Stephanie Hans:

For more on what this could mean for the Marvel Universe, as well as some other candidates to join A-Force, check out senior editor Dan Casey’s video report:

Are you excited for A-Force? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Jims says:

    If this gets you excited check out Fearless Defenders by Cullen Bunn (Deadpool and much more)!  

  2. AshesAnne says:

    This is super exciting. I have been waiting for something like this since I was in grade school 20 years ago. Thank you, Marvel!! And go pick the 3 day old cheetos out of your beard, beepthebeep. You’re opinions are as outdated and smelly as your sweaty fedora.

    • JayDizzle says:

      So… did you read the Mighty Defenders? Reading Thor? I assume you read Ms. Marvel? Captain Marvel? 
      Don’t get me wrong, if this strip tells good stories I’ll pick it up. But let’s not pretend that Marvel does not make comics with female leads… and the women celebrating this Avengers team aren’t buying them. Because they are mostly terrible.
      Except Ms. Marvel. Go read that.

      • shadow says:

        they’re not saying that marvel doesn’t make good female lead comics. They’re allowed to be excited for new ones when all of the comics you just stated came out only a couple years ago. The fact is that women are a huge portion of comic buyers and readers and want to read about more people like them. When spider-man was created he was there for all the boys that felt like they were just like them. The fact that women are only getting comics that they feel really represents them recently is telling. also, you don’t know if they’re not buying the comics are not. Ms. Marvel was one of the best selling comics of 2014. And I know a lot people who really love Captain Marvel and Thor and She-Hulk and even Batgirl and Harley Quinn over all. Don’t think you know what all women read or what they will read.

  3. Isis says:

    As a female reader, I’d love to see a more serious effort. Besides, a woman on a mission who can legitimately kick your ass is pretty dangerous (and sexy) so I think the straight guys should shut up and give this a read, They might enjoy it 😉

  4. Lykke says:

    Yes! I love comics but I rarely by them because I hate being disappointed by sexist nonsense. I am hoping for a diversity of personalities as well as super powers of course. 

  5. beepthebeep says:

    lol what a joke this will be. more pandering to man-hating feminist SJWs who DON’T read comics. frankly, it’s more like T&A-Force, am i right, fellas? haha!

    • B.F. Pierce says:

      Or it might be the Marvel realizes that there has been a huge influx of readers since they started making their movies, so they’re trying to appeal to various groups. I think the intent for this is to show that women can be as great a superhero as men, and I can’t wait.

    • Ryan says:

      You’re wrong, fella. 

    • Seriously says:

      Fucking troll 

  6. Criss says:

    What do you mean, Invisible Woman isn’t in the promo image?  She’s right there, in front of all of them!

  7. WTF says:

    This is some Separate but Equal bullshiiiiiiit!

  8. Atte says:

    These looks REALLY good. I want more of Nico Minoru in the comics these days.

  9. Robert Sauer II says:

    Kinda like the adjectiveless X-Men for the Avengers. Definitely on board for this series. Needs more mindless Captain Universe to be included.

  10. CTX says:

    Shouldn’t they be called V force?

  11. Stormy says:

    I’m excited to see Women of Marvel in something other than Marvel Weddings or Marvel Divas. Agent Carter is a big deal here – and I am all for ladies joining their male counterparts at center stage. 

    • beepthebeep says:

      agent carter’s the worst. the ratings back that up. so marvel needs to wise up and send women back into the background, where they belong. well, unless they’re willing to show off their tatas! lol