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Martin Scorcese’s SILENCE Trailer Sends Adam Driver and Andrew Garfield to Rescue Liam Neeson

A period piece starring Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver as two young priests trying to rescue their mentor, played by Liam Neeson, from 17th century Japan during a time when practicing Christianity there was against the law? Oh, and it just so happens to be directed by Martin Scorsese? Yeah, we are probably going to have a lot to say about the upcoming film Silence.

Especially after getting a look at its beautiful and powerful first trailer from Paramount Pictures, which primarily focuses on the difficult journey of Garfield’s missionary. The trip finds him dealing with dangerous and potentially fatal physical challenges, all of which lead him on a much more poignant and personal spiritual adventure that has him questioning if the god he serves is even there to hear him.

“I pray but I’m lost, am I just praying to silence?”


Scorsese has spent 28 years trying to make the movie, which is an adaptation of the revered 1966 novel of the same name by Shusaku Endo, and considering the cast and subject matter, we have a feeling the movie will have been well worth the wait.

But since Silence doesn’t come to theaters until next month, on December 23rd, we have a few more weeks to wait, so let’s pass the time by talking about it until then.

So what did you think of this trailer? What do you know about the novel it is based on? Don’t remain silent, share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Images: Paramount Pictures

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