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Maria Bamford, Writers Galore, MATES and More: The Week In Podcasts

On the Nerdist Podcast Network this week:

For the third time, Maria Bamford was the guest on the Nerdist Podcast, this time on the heels of the release of her new Netflix series Lady Dynamite, and the talk ranged from marriage to the grind of making TV series to mental illness, the latter of which plays a big role in her comedy. It’s a terrific conversation with one of the best comics out there.

The Jonah Keri Podcast featured two terrific writers, first Heather Havrilesky, now “Ask Polly” at New York Magazine’s The Cut but fondly remembered by those of us who were around in the Jurassic age of the Web as’s Polly Esther, and a second episode with HitFix’s Alan Sepinwall, TV critic of renown, who those of us from the Pleistocene era who actually read print newspapers remember from the Newark Star-Ledger. And while we’re talking about writers, Corinne Brinkerhoff did The Writers Panel, discussing her career and her new American Gothic.

Oh, and we had a brand-new, unexpected, awesome Mike and Tom Eat Snacks. their 100th episode! They ate a snack you all love. A classic. The only question is whether you twist it open and eat the inside first.

Guests!: Superego‘s Mark McConville on The JV Club; Sarah Colonna and Seahawks punter Jon Ryan breaking down The Bachelorette on Will You Accept This Rose?, plus a bonus episode with former contestant Christian Bishop; Chris Farren returning for Part 2 of a two-part Todd Glass Show; Voice acting superstar John DiMaggio eatin’ lobster from the Cousins Maine Lobster truck on Dining With Doug And Karen; Jordan D. White back to talk Star Wars on Comic Book Club; Comedian Joe List on You Made It Weird; Candace Smith making a return visit to Chewin’ It; Writer/director/actor Jordan Firstman on Love, Alexi; and Zachary Levi in a repeat Today We Learned.

More!: Health issues, politics, Lady Dynamite, Montreal, and more were discussed on another great Jackie and Laurie Show; Greg and Lozo handed out their own version of the NHL Awards on Puck Soup; Alison and Alex ran down their E3 experiences on Half Hour Happy Hour; T.J. and Cash did the usual stream of unconsciousness on Cashing In with T.J. Miller; Tom soloed again on Pro You after another live experience episode; and Jess and Bowser looked at the real-life story that inspired The Conjuring 2 on Bizarre States.

It’s all at the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page, so go there, subscribe, and immerse yourself in the pleasure. That’s why we do it.

Contributor: Kyle Clark
Photo: Netflix

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