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Mansion From THE MONEY PIT Listed For $12.5 Million

If you were to describe the hellion of a mansion that is the centerpiece of 1986’s The Money Pit as a “fixer-upper”, you’re being way too nice. As the title suggests, Tom Hanks and Shelley Long try to fix up their brand new home, which is really an old home with all those deceptive real estate buzz words like “charm,” “a rustic feel,” etc. Almost 30 years later, you now have a chance to own that very home that The Money Pit was shot in. All you need is a cool $12.5 million lying around somewhere. Even if you adjusted for inflation, this place isn’t so much a “money pit” as it is a “summer home for the 1%”.

The house is located specifically in Lattingtown, New York and was built in 1898, sitting on 5.4 acres. As you can probably guess, the house is completely intact and fully functional after a complete remodel. “The anti-Money Pit“, as listing broker Shawn Elliot describes it, boasts 8 bedrooms, 7 full bathrooms underneath three stories. Also, don’t forget about a six-car garage, a pool house bigger than many apartments, a saltwater pool, and a driveway that’s as long as an Olympic running track.

It’s surprising to think that The Money Pit, executive produced by Steven Spielberg, used a lavish house to stage all of their home renovation chaos instead of building one on a studio backlot. The same can be pondered for the glass mansion in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off that just sold for $1.06 million. Either way, movies homes, no matter how much they were depicted being destroyed cost more than a pretty penny.

What movie home would you want to go on sale and possibly be out of your price range? Let us know in the comments below.

HT: NY Times

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    The Windmill from Deathtrap

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    Hogwarts. Obviously.

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    Hogwarts. Duh.