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Episode 7: Making It
Sara Paxton

Making It #7: Sara Paxton

Riki talks with actress Sara Paxton (Shark Night 3D, Last House on the Left, Aquamarine, Sidney White) about being a child actor in Hollywood, the perils of the audition process and carving out a career you love.

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The Science of

The Science of "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board"

Hitchcock's SPELLBOUND is the Weirdest Movie Ever

Hitchcock's SPELLBOUND is the Weirdest Movie Ever

Comic Book Club: David Fernandez

Comic Book Club: David Fernandez



  1. Teddy McElhone says:

    I love your podcast! Ever since I listened to the Ben Schwartz Episode, I’ve went back to listen to the rest. One thing your guest always talk about is that they got an agent but they never really explain how they got one. It always seems like “…and then I got an agent…”, I would love to learn there process on how to get one. Thanks!

  2. Jeremy says:

    I know it’s total schadenfreude, but I love hearing horrible audition stories, because it kind of puts your own experiences in perspective. Totally entertaining ‘cast.

  3. ColinJ says:

    Another great episode. Riki, you have the coolest friends.

    Also, when I saw the SHARK NIGHT trailer I thought that was Alexis Bledel with a blonde dye job. I didn’t realise until now that it is actually the beauteous Ms. Paxton.

    The resemblance is kind of uncanny, you have to admit.

  4. Wade says:

    This should be called the Last House on the Left Podcast.

    Are Tony Goldwyn or Monica Potter coming up?

  5. Sawyer says:

    I’m liking this podcast more than I thought I would (and I thought I’d like it a lot, so it has cleared high expectations). Keep up the amazeballsiness!