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Makeup Artist Laura Jenkinson Is Back with More Lip Cosplay

Not feeling up to finishing an entire costume before Comic-Con arrives in a mere two weeks? Why not try something slightly less involved? Do what makeup artist Laura Jenkinson does and paint on a tiny cosplay that’s just for your lips. We’ve featured Jenkinson’s whimsical and sometimes scary work in the past, but she’s added all sorts of new characters to her lip-centric portfolio. I can’t stop flipping through her gallery of designs and staring. Homer chowing down on a donut might be my favorite of her latest designs:

Jenkinson uses her mad skills to create pretty detailed portraits. Her rendition of Grumpy Cat isn’t just made of flat colors; it’s shaded to the point that it actually looks a little furry. Grumpy Cat may not be the most kissable lip cosplay (actually, none of these are probably kissable) ever but it is awfully cute.

If you want to try your hand at lip cosplay, start small and practice. Remember, Jenkinson’s a pro and has painted dozens of characters onto her lips. She uses Kryolan brand Supracolor palettes which are bright and long-lasting, but I recommend experimenting with more beginner level (and more affordable) face paints. You can find them online, at craft stores, and at party stores. Get inspiration by looking at more of Jenkinson’s work in the gallery below and on Facebook.

Which cartoon character do you want on your lips? I know it’s a weird question, but humor me and let me know in the comments.

HT: Fashionably Geek


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