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Make Your Videos More CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM-esque

Fair warning, internet. This might be the best site to exist in the next couple of weeks and is sure to become the new Rickroll: You can now apply the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme music to almost any YouTube video and make it instantly more awkward.

During the eight wonderful seasons of HBO‘s Curb Your Enthusiasm we got to bask in the glory of awkwardness that is Larry David. A show that seemed to be predicated on making already uncomfortable situations a whole lot worse for the fictionalized version of Larry, what really stuck with us after so many years is the absolutely perfect theme music of “Frolic” by Italian composer Luciano Michelini.

It’s become a song that we respond to in an almost Pavlovian way—we hear that tune and expect awkward situations. Overlaying it onto video clips has happened here and there over the years, but the internet recently saw quite a resurgence of it when it was placed over a slow zoom of Governor Chris Christie during a speech by presidential candidate and sentient pile of jingoist Cheeto dust, Donald Trump.

The internet has long clamored for an easy way to add the perfectly punctuated tune to videos, with stepping up to answer that call. Simply paste the link (from the address bar—not the YouTube share button) into the site, set where you want “Frolic” to come in and you’re on your way to making perfectly awkward videos of your very own. Well, as long as they’re on YouTube.

Unfortunately since the site only overlays the audio, we can’t embed examples, but some of our favorites have got to be a heroine PSA, the “One who knocks” speech from Breaking Bad, and the box scene from Seven.

Make your own at Curbyourvideo and be sure to share your creations in the comments below! Also, we’re kind of dying for someone to make some good ones with our YouTube videos. You have your mission! Get to it!

HT: LaughingSquid
Image: HBO

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