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Make Your Own Groot Costume for Less Than $50

James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy has become the highest grossing film in 2014 so far, and it doesn’t seem like its popularity will wane anytime soon. In other words, we’re all still hooked on a feeling. That feeling is inspiring cosplayers, and more than a few have stepped up to the challenge of joining the Groot ranks. I spotted four different Groot costumes at Dragon Con, and all of them were awesome and unique. Reddit user Tylernator wasn’t at the convention as far as I know, but he’s also made a rocking Groot costume and he did it for only $50.

When I read the budget, I admit that I was skeptical about what he could fashion with limited supplies but I shouldn’t have been. I was wrong. I admit it. He created a fantastic looking costume with glue, wire, twigs and bags, hot glue, an old hoodie, preserved moss, and paints. The paint was the most expensive part of the budget:

Final Budget:
Bags/Bars/twigs: Free
Hot Glue:$10
Old Hoodie from Goodwill:$3
Preserved Moss:$3
Paints: About $30

He definitely is Groot:

groot 1

Tylernator build the head by using a base of chicken wire, a paper template, and duct tape. He cut it to size, added cardboard for the bark texture, and paper mâchéd (totally a word) the heck out of it. Paint completed the look. Besides using cardboard, he also turned to nature. Go figure! He used pine bark and moss to add extra Groot-ness. Yeah, he rocks.

See some of the work in progress pictures in the below gallery:

Who else is ready to go harvest some sticks and bark from the ground to make a Groot costume? I want to attach the natural materials to a dress and become Lady Groot.

See the entire process at Imgur.

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  4. wheatgrass says:

    Sweet costume

  5. Sheri says:

    Looks sweet! Some brown paper bags would work nice too i think we are gonna try this!!

  6. Darklurkr23 says:

    It’s still too much damn work!  I’ll stick w/ the “Put on a Suit, and  a 14 buck Morph Mask for Slenderman”

  7. LIES, LIES EVERYWHERE. He did it for $62!