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Make Your Own FALLOUT-Themed Bar Stools

There’s been a lot of merchandise hype for the upcoming release of Bethesda’s action-packed Fallout 4including the introduction of Fallout beer and Nuka-cola Quantum soda (that we personally can’t wait to try). Now it’s time for the next bit of merchandise, and this one is extra special because it comes from a loyal fan.

Holly Green is a games reporter from Seattle, and her condo is full of video games, fan art, official merchandise, and things that she and her husband have made themselves… like (drum roll please) Fallout themed bar stools!

Yep, you heard that right. The process of creating these functional pieces of art was pretty simple actually, something you could do at home for a fun weekend craft project. Green just got hold of some blank stools shaped liked bottle caps, and then used Etsy to find a custom stencil creator. She recruited Caroll Wilkins of Vinyl Express, and sprung into action. Here’s the stool with the stencil applied:


After adding a few coats of clear gloss, and some ash and resin in rough streaks to make the bottle caps look aged, the final product was unveiled:

Finished Stool

The stools are quite beautiful and super stylish; a brilliant homage to the Fallout series. If you’re keen to get into this DIY project, you can read about Green’s entire process on her blog.

Are you going to make one of these bad-boys? Think about it; if you do, you could sit on it while you drink an ice cold Nuka-cola Quantum soda or Fallout beer… now we’re talking! Let us know all your intentions in the comments below, and reach out to Green on Twitter if you like her stools (@winnersusedrugs).

HT: Polygon

IMAGES: Holly Green

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