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Make-Up Tutorial on How to Look Just Like BARBIE

Millions of little girls all over the world grow up wanting to be Barbie. And it’s hard to blame them really, because not only is she the idealized representation of all-American beauty and ambition (she’s had every job under the sun, from astronaut to soldier to supermodel) but she has the world’s biggest wardrobe and drives a pink corvette on top of everything. Who can resist that when they’re eight? Heck, right now there are even grown women in Eastern Europe and Russia who have had all these different plastic surgeries to actually become human versions of Barbie dolls (you can see some of them at this link here, but beware, it’s somewhat disturbing and prone to give one nightmares. You were warned.) That is the true power of Barbie. All hail Mattel.

Now, if you want to transform into the spitting image of Barbie without all those invasive surgeries, you’re in luck. YouTube sensation Kandee Johnson, the blogger/make-up artist who maybe is best known for her make-up transformations into various Disney Princesses, Daenerys from Game of Thrones, Betty Boop, Wonder Woman, and real life celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, and Madonna, has uploaded a high speed demonstration of how to transform into the spitting image of everyone’s favorite blonde, all-American doll. (You can see the full length version here.) With just the right make-up application, and the right plastic-headed dude to be your living Ken doll, not to mention an ensemble that uses a lot of hot pink, your Barbie cosplay can now be taken to the next level.

And hey… if you don’t want to be Barbie at the Halloween party, well, this video also functions as a tutorial on how to look like one of Hugh Hefner’s live-in girlfriends from that reality show The Girls Next Door.  I mean, they’re kind of like Barbie, right? Except maybe less likely to be an astronaut or President or any of those occupations she’s had.

HT: Kandee Johnson

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