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Magical HARRY POTTER Cupcakes

Today is a fine day, Harry Potter fans. J.K. Rowling has written another in-universe story profiling singer Celestina Warbeck, and justJENN has come up with some treats that would be right at home in a case at Honeydukes. These Harry Potter cupcakes were made for an 8-year-old girl’s themed birthday party that featured paper wands, a porch decorated like King’s Cross Station, and invitations that were hand delivered by owl balloon. Seriously. Why don’t I ever get invited to parties like this?

HP cupcakes 3

Themed food was just the icing on the event, and Jenn created three different cupcake toppers for the occasion. The Harry Potter logo was made from a glittery sugar cookie and a cookie cutter from Warpzone Prints (they have cookie cutters for every fandom you can imagine). Sanding sugar was incorporated into the dough to make it appear sparkly. Chocolate frogs were another topping, and all you have to do to replicate that is wave a wand, melt chocolate, and pour it into a frog mold (yes, they exist).

HP cupcakes 2

My favorite of the cupcakes is the Golden Snitch one. It’s so much easier to catch when you can bake it. Plus, you can even reenact the moment when Harry nabbed the Snitch with his mouth:

hp snitch gif


To make your own Golden Snitch cupcakes, you’ll need yellow malt balls, yellow candy melts, and a piping bag or decorating squeeze bottle. Once you melt the candy, you’ll pipe the outline of a wing onto a piece of parchment paper and put all your wings into the freezer until they’re cool. The candy wings are attached to the malt balls with more melted candy. When in doubt, use candy.

You too can win the baking version of the Quidditch World Cup; get all the information on how to make your own Harry Potter cupcakes at justJENN’s blog.

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    This maybe something obvious in ol’ US of A, but, what the heck are “malt balls”?