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M. Night Shyamalan’s Big Plans for That Crazy SPLIT Ending

UPDATE 4/26/17:

M. Night Shymalan just took to Twitter to announce that the rumored Unbreakable sequel, titled Glass, will be hitting theaters in 2019!

More in our original story below:

This past winter, director M. Night Shyamalan rediscovered box office gold with his new horror film, Split; which opened in first place with a very impressive opening weekend. But what really has us excited is the film’s ending. Everyone knows that Shyamalan is a man who loves his twists, and this is definitely one of his best. Does this mean we’ll be getting a long awaited sequel in the near future? Today’s Nerdist News has the answers!

Before we go any further, you should know that there are massive spoilers ahead for Split. Not even kidding, you don’t want us to ruin this for you if you haven’t seen the film. This is your last chance to turn back!


If you’re still with us, join guest host and America’s sidekick, Matt Mira, as he walks us through the surprising reappearance of David Dunn, the nearly indestructible hero played by Bruce Willis in Unbreakable. That’s right, Shyamalan finally gave us an Unbreakable sequel, he just didn’t follow the hero’s path this time.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Shyamalan revealed that Split‘s main character, Kevin Wendell Crumb/Horde was originally going to be the first villainous threat that David Dunn confronted during the events of Unbreakable. Obviously, that didn’t happen. Now, Shyamalan is leaving the door open for another potential sequel that could put David against Kevin. It’s far from a confirmed project, but if the reception to Split is any indication, then a real Unbreakable sequel could finally materialize. And that brings up other intriguing questions: what has David been up to for the last 16 years? Is Mr. Glass still locked up in the insane asylum? Will David’s son still be bitter about not getting powers like his dad? We want to know!

What would you like to see in a potential sequel to Split and Unbreakable? Share your thoughts with a twist in the comment section below!

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