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Luigi Is the Internet’s Newest Badass and We’ve Got GIFs to Prove It

Luigi is rather pissed off these days and no one seems to know why. Maybe he’s a bit uptight over the official conclusion of the Year of Luigi, or fed up with living in the shadow of his stocky brother Mario. Or perhaps he’s just got a serious case of resting bitch face. What we do know is that something has gotten our old pal Big L very upset and the internet is in tears (of laughter) at the meme that has emerged from his mean-mugging antics.

It all started when this video of Luigi clobbering Waluigi and offering a terrifying death stare appeared on the internet:

Geez, simmer down there, bro! There’s certainly a story to be told about this horrifying glare, and everyone’s been chiming in with their own explanation for Luigi’s shenanigans. A slew of hilarious GIFs that were posted on NeoGAF pretty much answer the question of why Luigi is the internet’s newest badass.

Luigi does whatever it takes to win.


No one is safe from his warpath.




Donkey Kong better watch his back.


Mario thinks bombs can stop Luigi… Silly, silly Mario.


Princess Peach fears one thing more than Bowser…


So “gangsta” he joined G-Unit and made 50 Cent his chauffeur.


Who pops wheelies off the start line… while looking back at the opposition?


Blind-siding him with Red Shell? You’ve got another thing coming.


‘Cause he’s a badass and he’s got the death glare from hell to prove it.


On top of being one of the highest rated Mario Kart games of all time, Mario Kart 8 has also brought about one of the most hilarious memes seen in the gaming world in quite some time. Are you a fan of Luigi new bad boy attitude? Drop your comments at the finish line in the comments below.


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  1. Natazshil says:

    Luigi’s turned into such a badass. He’d better lay of the ‘roids.

  2. It’s about time Luigi has a chance to shine in the number one spot. I used to start a 2-player game in the first Super Mario Bros on NES and lose all of Mario’s live to play/win as Luigi.

  3. Jameson says:

    Luigi has always been my fav. Little brother 4 lyfe!

  4. IOPsyGuy says:

    I asked someone to improve on it and they made this: