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A Love Mixtape for GAME OF THRONES’ Brienne and Tormund

♫ Wildling, you make my heart sing / You make everything groovy. ♫


Before this season of Game of Thrones, the only ship I truly cared about was Boaty McBoatface, but the residents of Westeros have always had a way of tugging at my heartstrings in unexpected ways. And though we are all devastated by the SPOILER tragedy of past and present Hodor, there were at least some moments of much-needed levity in last night’s episode, courtesy of Tormund’s raging crush on Brienne, Bae-nne of Tarth.

Though we were privy to Tormund’s stolen glances and Brienne’s apparent disgust in last week’s “Book of the Stranger,” it wasn’t until this week that we got the confirmation that we so desperately needed. In addition to yet another lovestruck, cockeyed smile from Tormund, Brienne finally acknowledged the wildling’s crush with disgust–“and that wildling fellow with the beard!” Though her visceral disdain for being in proximity of Tormund is painfully apparent, I have a feeling that she will soon see what Giantsbane (Giants-bae-n) can do in battle and the wildling will make her heart sing. And we’re not the only one’s rooting for this relationship, mind you. Gwendoline Christie told EW that she is a big fan of Tormund’s crush even though her character has yet to come around. Come on, look at this smile!


To celebrate this budding romance, I have crafted the above playlist which features Fleetwood Mac’s “Big Love,” The Troggs’ “Wild Thing” TLC’s “No Scrubs,” Pat Benatar’s “Love Is A Battlefield” and many more absurdly apt songs about the early stages of this flirtation. Sure, Brienne isn’t having it right now, but like all things in Game Of Thrones, it will just take a little more time.


Will Bran use his fate-deciding powers to bring these two warriors together? (Probably not.)

Images: HBO, sterling_arts_design, @StormofSpoilers 

Matt Grosinger is the music editor of Nerdist, and definitely didn’t cry last night when Hodor was the biggest hero of the episode.

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