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LOTR Fan Theory Explains Why the Eagles Didn’t Help

A fan theory might explain one of the plot holes in The Lord of the Rings trilogy that has likely kept you up at night, debating with your friends. Almost anyone who’s watched those films has wondered why the giant eagles, who rescue Frodo and Samwise at the end of Return of the King, don’t just fly them there in the first place!

In the video from io9, which comes from this fan theory, we learn what might have happened. According to the theory, the wizard Gandalf was always planning to get the eagles to fly the hobbits to Mt. Doom. He just died before he could carry it out. Gandalf and the eagles already have a relationship and it’s established that they’re willing to help him when they rescue him from the top of Saruman’s tower. The theory says that the gang was heading up to the home of the eagles, on the eastern slope of the northwest range of the Misty Mountains. Unfortunately, Gandalf had a nasty run-in with the Balrog in the mines of Moria and didn’t manage to tell his traveling companions about his idea. Why didn’t he spill the beans earlier? Well, Sauron uses birds and other creatures as spies. They even suggest that Gandalf the Grey’s final line, “Fly, you fools!” was referring to this idea. (We’re pretty sure that was meant as a joke.)

The problem here is that Gandalf told the band of heroes lots of things that spies could have overheard and a really important plan like this was likely to be discusses during the meeting in Rivendell. (Maybe they talked about it before the audience sees them?) Couldn’t he have called his little moth buddy to have them pick up the Hobbits before they headed down into Moria? Couldn’t the eagles have just taken the One Ring right from Rivendell or the Shire? It’s not like it’s heavy. Wait, do eagles get corrupted by the ring? It’s a nice theory and it may help Tolkien fans sleep at night, but if you pull it apart, it really doesn’t work.

What do you think of the fan theory? What’s the best explanation you’ve heard for why those selfish birdies don’t help out earlier? Tweet me/us @JennaBusch/@Nerdist and let us know your thoughts.

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