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LOST’s Return is Inevitable According to Carlton Cuse

A little over 10 years ago, ABC unleashed a phenomenon onto the world: Lost. Labeled as a series so high risk that its $13 million pilot ended up getting a network executive fired, the series became a cultural icon, and the shining example of television’s newly founded “Golden Age.” Now, as we look back on the beloved drama, many are starting to wonder if the series is truly over. Have we really seen all there is to see of the mysterious island and the marooned passengers of Oceanic Flight 815? Not according to statements made by executive producer Carlton Cuse.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Cuse stated the following in regards to the possible return of the franchise:

“I think it’s inevitable… I don’t know what it is or how it would work, but I can’t imagine something else won’t be done with the franchise.” He went on to add “Disney owns the franchise, it made them a lot of money, it’s hard to imagine it will just sit there idly forever. Damon and I told our story in that world and I assume someone will come along, hopefully having been inspired by our story, or our version of the story, and want to tell their own.”

Considering we live in an age where the likes of Veronica Mars are getting feature-length continuations of their journey, surely there’s some merit to Cuse’s statements. Whether it comes in the form of an all out reboot or direct-to-video continuation, there’s no way Lost will stay dormant until the end of time. So the only question is who will be the one to take control, and in what form?

Do you want to see a continuation to Lost? Let us know in the comments below.

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Image: ABC

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  1. Amy says:

    I just want at least one episode to tell me where in the hell the giant statue comes from. That’s it. 

  2. Heather says:

    More lost, More more more!!! I devoted many years of my life to LOST, and I need a better ending…. I was not satisfied with the conclusion to the series. There are questions that need answering

  3. Dustin says:

    I’d be interested to see if Telltale Games could wring something worthwhile out of the LOST world. I’ve enjoyed the games Telltale has created so far, for the most part. LOST seems like a good fit.

  4. Katherine says:

    Disney does too many sequels and reboots. For once, leave something perfect alone!

  5. let sleeping dogs lie. please don’t ever remake or reboot or re anything

  6. Shayde says:

    Just 5 minutes where Jack wakes up realizing the last episode was a fever dream.

  7. Dexi says:

    I would love to watch sequel but sometimes its better to just put the end when its good 🙂 

  8. More Lost… I say NO. HELL NO. We do not need more of this. The series was incoherent enough to leave everyone at least dissatisfied. No more story is needed. 
    Also, as Robert Williams has said “Not before Firefly returns”.

  9. BenLinus says:

    You should all go see LOST: The Musical at the Lillian Theatre in Hollywood, running thru Oct. 26th!!!!!!! It’s made by LOSTies, for LOSTies.

  10. Not before Firefly returns!

  11. Tom Funk says:

    Emphatically NO!    Just let it be dead.  It had died quite a while before it stopped airing, and will likely always hold the number one spot on my list of worst TV show endings of all time.  
    There are so many other, better stories to be told!  Move forwards, not backwards.

  12. Hell NO! While Lost started out great, it turned to sh*t. Add to that the worst ending ever, no thank you. Make it, don’t make it, I don’t care, I’m not getting sucked in again.

  13. nikki says:

    LOST was perfect, the ending was perfect. I don’t believe they should do anymore with the show. What I want is something original that is just as good as Lost, but something all its own. I’m afraid that will never happen though. 

    • The Truth says:

      Thank You! Lost WAS perfect,  and apparently we’re the only ones who think so. The end was Perfect. To be quite honest, Ive come to find that those who hated the end, didnt understand it. Which is mind boggling, considering it was so clear. Proly more clear than the show had ever been. Also, i wanna write a new story!

  14. Nooooooo, I DON’T want a continuation; I want a finish!!!

  15. Andrew says:

    Oh no! I’m not falling for that again! Six years on the edge of my seat for an unsatisfying conclusion….

  16. Kayle says:

    Hell yes, I do! Then more people will appreciate the tattoo I got from it! 

  17. RevChuck says:

    Lost was great for a very short period of time, but sadly Lost it way! Halfway through the 3rd season it became painfully apparent that they were just making it up as they went and that no one was going to man up to the claim that everything was going to be scientifically explained. i did begrudgingly continue watching until the end and what an ending it was! Truly the absolute worst ending of any TV show that I have ever witnessed. I felt that I had been taken advantage of for my time spent. Please let this carrion rot in the refuse it deserves…..

  18. Amelia says:

    Yes please, I still need some kind of closure,  I don’t care if its in the form of a movie or a spin off.

  19. mogulus says:

    there is one heck of a story left to be told. Walt returns to the island with the help of Hurley and Ben to redeem the whispering spirits and save his father from an eternity on the island. Damon, CALL ME.

  20. Jaime says:

    Absolutely NO. Lost was perfect and should be left alone. 

  21. mwruger says:

    No. A prequel would be pointless and sequel would accomplish nothing. It was wonderful but it’s over. Create something new and awesome. Let Lost be in the hands of slash Fanfic writers and the like.

    Its tale is told.

  22. LOST was a great show and once it was given its guaranteed number of seasons the story really got tight as the writers then knew “how to land the plane.”  I never understood people who hated the last episode.  It was BRILLIANT!  Other shows come and go on my iPad.  The series finale never leaves.  In the words of Jack Shepherd, “There are no do overs, what happened, happened”  Lost is over now and any attempt to revive it may just taint a near flawless series   

  23. I have always said the 3 kids need a follow-up story. Jin & Aaron with Walt’s help they head out to find the island!!

  24. Pete M. says:

    I’d love to see something that would explore the history and mythology behind the Dharma Initiative.  There’s so much to that whole storyline that could be expanded upon.  Namaste.

  25. Lost is done, it ended, it doesn’t need to return.
    Michael Emerson has a great show. There is no need for Lost to return.

  26. Mitchell says:

    I want to see stories from the time where hurley and Ben are in charge of the island. Seems like some cool and fun things would happen with those two at the helm. Maybe in comic book form?

  27. Claude says:

     I love LOST. I watched every episode, I own every season on DVD, I cried several times during the finale. If you watched it, and your take on it is different than mine, that’s fine. But I’ve seen a lot of LOST haters who assume it’s generally accepted that the show was a complete failure because it didn’t answer every question or criticism they had, or that because they didn’t like it, anyone who says they did is an idiot or a sucker. I honestly don’t think that that is the actual consensus, and that the final verdict on LOST for future generations will be that it was important, that it was influential, and, most importantly, it was GOOD. Not flawless, not airtight in every detail of it’s plotting or it’s storytelling, but good. Worth watching, worth experiencing, for the richness of it’s fictional world, the flawed humanity of it’s characters, it’s mind bending (and expanding) narrative ambition, and the emotional journey it took it’s viewers on over 6 amazing, involving, occasionally frustrating years. I know it sure as hell was worth it for me. Anybody who relaunches or reboots LOST with the attitude that they’re gonna “fix” it because it was so wrong the first time around is doomed to fail. I’d rather see it left alone, but if it does return I hope it is done with a sense of respect for what came before.

  28. Paul says:

    No interest, but only because Carlton messed Lost up so badly the first time.

  29. Travis says:

    if it’s not from Damon, Carlton or JJ then it should be left alone. As a diehard fan I have no interest in seeing it touched. 

  30. We have to go back!

  31. Alicia says:

    How would this even be possible?

    • Gary200 says:

      Easy, it would be about Hurley and Ben running the island before they died. They are still alive right now in present, so is Kate and Sawyer living off island.