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LOST GIRL’s Rachel Skarsten Says Final Season to Air April 9th in the US & UK

Lost Girl fans, rejoice! Though we were deeply saddened to hear that the sassy, sultry, SyFy series is coming to a close this year, we were glad to know that the show runners will have a chance to wrap up Bo’s adventures. And while the longer, 16-episode season 5 has been airing in Canada since January of this year, we’ve been waiting anxiously to find out when the final season will premiere in the US. This week, Rachel Skarsten, a.k.a. the endlessly charismatic, ass-kicking valkyrie Tamsin, revealed on the Nerdist Podcast Network’s Today We Learned that season 5 will air on SyFy April 9th, 2015. 


While speaking about her role in the box-office breaking 50 Shades of Grey, Skarsten said this of the fan fae-vorite, “So we finished filming but we did two seasons in one, so it kind of airs at all different times. It’s airing right now in Canada, it’s coming out in the UK, Australia and the States on SyFy UK or SyFy USA or whatever outlet, I think April 9th?” No confirmation from SyFy yet, but it seems likely the show will in fact premiere in April.

The final season of Lost Girl has a lot to wrap up. [Obligatory Lost Girl seasons 1-3 spoiler alert!] After Kenzi sacrificed herself at the end of last season, viewers have wondered if fan favorite Ksenia Solo will be back or not. Although she’ll be guest starring on Orphan Black this season (! fandoms colliding !), we think Solo is bound to show up in some capacity by the series finale. Bo (Anna Silk) also has to figure out what the heck is up with her family history, stop all of the evil prophecies that surround her, and probably break a few hearts along the way. I’d love to see full closure for all of the characters — Will Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) ever stop moping? Is the Morrigan doomed to be human forever? Are Bo and Lauren (Zoie Palmer) really meant to be? I like the idea of a fully free, unencumbered Bo — succubi don’t really seem like the monogamous type — but that’s just me.

In any case, we’re just jazzed to see an extended final season of Lost Girl. As long as we get more of this, we’ll be golden:


(Also more Kenzi, please.)


For more from Rachel Skarsten, check out the latest episode of Today We Learned right here on Nerdist.

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