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LORD OF THE RINGS Fan Remembers His Father By Eating 15 Courses of Food from the Movies

 The Lord of the Rings trilogy is meaningful to a lot of us. Because the films were such a cultural phenomenon, rewatching them can instantly take you back to the first time you saw The Shire in theaters. For Nate Crowley, the movies keep him connected to his late father. He posted on Twitter he and his partner would be holding a Lord of the Rings movie marathon in his father’s honor on the one year anniversary of his dad’s death. But that wasn’t all. They also made food from the films to accompany their viewing. Crowley posted a rough menu based on his memories of the “key eating scenes” as he called them.

Of course, these are movies with hobbits in them, so snacking is serious business, and Crowley didn’t mess around. He kept his followers abreast of each new LOTR-inspired dish he and his partner ate, starting with low-key tea and cakes for breakfast (that’s first breakfast, mind you):

He got more creative as the feast continued, making his own version of lembas bread. He did not say whether or not he agreed with Legolas‘ lembas bread stance of one bite being enough to fill the stomach of a grown man.

And while the couple happily abstained from any man or orc-flesh, meat was definitely back on the menu.

Of course, some of the food they eat in the trilogy is pretty gnarly (Eowyn’s horrific fish stew, anyone?) so after hours, the two grew weary of the incessant feasting. They managed to make it through, honoring Crowley’s dad in a sweet and totally unique way, even if it meant leaving themselves with mounds of leftovers.

The anniversary of the death of a loved one is hard, but we love this idea of celebrating someone’s life in a fun and unique way. To see everything they prepared and ate, visit this Twitter thread.

Would you ever try to eat your way through the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Have you ever done something like this to commemorate a loved one? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Feature Image: New Line Cinema

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