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Look! A Handy Infographic That Proves ORPHAN BLACK is the Best Show Ever

It’s been a minute, hasn’t it, Clone Club? Since we had anything of particular interest for you on the Orphan Black front. Well, never fear because we’re here with something now (and — stay tuned — a bit more from our interview with Graeme Manson and John Fawcett in the coming weeks) because we care. And because we feel partially responsible to help spread the OB love.

Which is exactly what this infographic from Tumblr user PeetaIsMyHero created the little piece of fandom ephemera, made with the clear eyes (and full hearts? WHOA this is not a Friday Night Lights post) of a true obsessive of the series. From most and least viewed episodes to every time the clones got their impersonation game on, there’s tons of fun facts here for fans to laugh about.

But we don’t think this infographic should just be seen by fans alone: no! In fact, it’s actually a pretty great tool to show just how complex and totally awesome the series is — so why not use it as a fan recruitment tool, eh? Something tells us you’ll be glad you did.

Click on the image below to make it all big-like (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to read it, sillies! But if your eyes are just that good and you can read it sans clicking, whoa. You are clearly a superhero and/or villain of a sort. In the very least Cosima will want to talk crazy science with you):


So — Sarah’s favorite swear is shite; what do you think Allison’s is, eh? Let’s dissect in the comments.

HT: MemeLibrarian

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  1. Pete says:

    8 serious injuries if you include tail cut off!

  2. Andrew Bush says:

    Under Serious Injuries, they forgot to list “tail cut off”.

  3. Mark Hutt Bennett says:

    No f___en way. I love this post.  Seriously.  The break down is beautiful.  Thank you. And I’m only on 10 of 1.  I do want recruit. In a bad why.  Give me more tools.  Please. 

  4. Tippy says:

    This is fairly epic, especially insofaras infographics go. I tend to just “go with the show” and let it remind me of all the connections- nebulous, tenuous or genetic. I seriously heart this show and am sosoSO glad that I’m not alone, cloneless though I (may) be…

  5. Edith says:

    Allison doesn’t swear…she’s a soccer mom