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LOLcats: The Formative Years

“Cabaret?! CABARET?!! I don’t care if you got the lead role in Die Hard 6! No son of mine is gonna be some soft-pawed, de-clawed, Fancy Feast eatin’ thez-pee-en. Yer gonna play football like all the other red-blooded kittens in this litter and yer fer damn sure gonna LIKE IT!”

The Science of

The Science of "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board"

Hitchcock's SPELLBOUND is the Weirdest Movie Ever

Hitchcock's SPELLBOUND is the Weirdest Movie Ever

Pro You Podcast by tjd

Pro You Podcast by tjd : Chuck McCarthy



  1. Travocity says:

    I think this should have been in slow-motion

  2. Kryptonzero says:

    If those were my cats, “Speedo” would be -1 on the 9-lives meter.

  3. Mark Donohue says:

    Reminds me of my Dad’s reaction to my “I fuck Sheep T-Shirt”….

  4. thetorkfool says:

    Hey, tell Chris it’s Tim F. here. I talked to him at the last Largo show and he wanted to have me on as a musical guest, but I can do much better than that. I can bring him the kitten and the tiny hat. Those are my cats. So, guest appearance by Scout Jr.? I can make it happen!

  5. CrazyLadyWannaHaveYourBaby says:

    Kitten: Get the Fuck outta my Face!
    Cat: What You say Mutha Fucka!!
    Cat: (slap)

  6. What a meanie! I had to watch it over and over again… what was the big cat thinking???

  7. stubby says:

    What makes this so funny is that male cats routinely kill kittens, including their own! This just makes me sad.

  8. Lank says:

    Speeeedoooooo :3



  9. JungheadinPA says:

    Better than Geoffrey what’shisface in SHINE. The kitten’s trauma was more believable.

  10. claud says:

    awwwww poor kitty…that tiny hat is hysterical tho

  11. anthony says:

    hahahaha awesome. though the cat probably should have attacked the woman who dressed up the kitten and was filming it.

  12. Jung says:

    kitty bitch slap is so wrong. . yet I’ve played this like four times already.