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LOCKE & KEY’s Audio Book Will Star Tatiana Maslany and Everyone Good

Get your monetary payment system of choice ready to go, folks, because this one’s gonna be a delicious doozy for those that love aural entertainment as much as we. Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s epic graphic novel of awesomeness, Locke & Key, is becoming an audio book voiced by some seriously badass talent voicing some of your favorite characters. Folks like Orphan Black‘s (!!!) Tatiana Maslany (apparently not playing everyone, somehow?), Haley Joel Osment, Kate freakin’ Mulgrew, and even Stephen goddamn King are just some of the 50 folks slated to tackle vocal duties. Yes, as in five-zero.

It’s been a long road to bring IDW Comic’s book off the page—it’s previously been optioned as a film trilogy and turned into a FOX pilot that never saw the light of day. And while this iteration is not either of those projects, it’s still a great, additionally immersive way into the delightfully devious world of this fantastical dive into the American Revolution. And hey—maybe the success of this will show the studio powers that be how stupid they’d be to not turn this into a screen-based adventure, too.

For those of you hitting up that sweet, sweet San Diego Comic-Con, there’s even bigger and better news, in the form of a poster (and signing with Rodriguez himself) at the IDW booth (#2743) on Thursday, July 9 from 12-1pm. See below:


The whole thing won’t be released until October 15, but—wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles!—you can pre-order the dang thing on Audible right here, right meow. Our bodies are ready.

How pumped are you for a Locke & Key audio book? Let’s hear all about it in the comments.

HT: MTV News

Image Credit: GabrielRodriguez/deviantArt

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