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Lizzy Caplan Responds to Kim Jong-un’s Threats Regarding THE INTERVIEW

Lizzy Caplan has emerged as one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood in what seems like just a few years, delivering memorable performances in Cloverfield, True Blood, Hot Tub Time Machine, and Party Down. She just earned an Emmy nomination for playing pioneering sexologist Virginia Johnson on Showtime’s Masters of Sex, and last night we had the opportunity to speak with her about her role on the show’s Los Angeles sets. We’ll share that interview with you soon, but in the meantime we’re presenting her thoughts on her next role, as CIA Agent Lacey in Seth Roger and Evan Goldberg’s The Interview, due out on October 10th. It’s a film that’s already made global headlines due to North Korea calling it “a wanton act of terror,” and threatening to carry out “merciless countermeasures” if its release is not stopped by the White House.

“I worked with [stars] James Franco and Seth Rogen when I was fifteen years old,” says Caplan. “That was my first job, on Freaks and Geeks. That movie is pretty wild. I think that it’s going to do well. It takes it to a very far place, as only those two can… I’m a CIA agent who hires these two nimrods to go assassinate Kim Jong-un. It’s definitely ridiculous.”

Regarding the threats issued by North Korea about The Interview, Caplan tell us, “Yeah, they’re really pretty vocal about that. I think it’s important to remember and remind ourselves that we made a very broad comedy. This is not rooted in any sort of reality. Seth and James play the two biggest morons on the face of the earth, who are dispatched to do this deed. So let’s just remember – it’s a satire! It’s a comedy. We’re not trying to change the world with this movie.”

The Interview comes to theaters on Octobrer 10, 2014. Are you looking forward to the film? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. So wonely….so very wonely…

  2. Cjohns says:

    This isn’t new. Films have been doing this forever. “Naked Gun” began with a who’s who of despots, terrorists, and American enemies being beaten up by Frank Drebin. In “Naked Gun 2 1/2” Drebin beat the shit out of Barbara Bush repeatedly. In “Hot Shots” it was Saddam Hussein. “Team America,” mentioned by another poster. I could keep on going, the point is in each occasion each film tackled sitting members in power who just went “meh” because that’s the most appropriateresponse when one is secure in one’s own power. Since North Korea is overreacting to a silly ass film, which the CIA had nothing to do with, what does that tell us about their power?

  3. Todd Mason says:

    Caplan’s involvement makes it more likely than the other stars’…but everyone involved should probably avoid the western beaches of Japan for a while…

  4. CarrotBandit says:

    It doesn’t matter much what North Korea thinks about the movie, did they not see Team America?