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Listen To Jennifer Lawrence’s Song From THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY PART 1

Jennifer Lawrence can now add “competent singer” to her unending list of impressive attributes and accomplishments, because the Internet’s most beloved person (sorry, Benedict) has added her own vocal prowess to the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part One. And it’s really, really dark.

Taught to Katniss by her father when she was young, “The Hanging Tree” is a dark tune that factors heavily into our heroine’s life. Though its themes were dark — it is a tune sung from the perspective of a dead man hanging in a tree calling out to his lover to be with him in death — the song stuck with Katniss and became a sort of comfort to her after the passing of her father.

Lawrence was reportedly terrified of singing the song — or singing for all the world to hear at all — and consistently has balked at her own abilities. To which we say: don’t be so hard on yourself, Lawrence! You did more than just fine here.

How do you think she did? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. gabi says:

    Did they seriously change the lyrics from “Wear a necklace of rope” to “Wear a necklace of hope”? That totally gets rid of the meaning of the song! It’s about a guy asking his lover to commit double suicide to escape (presumably) the Capitol.

  2. grace duty says:

    i thought it was great!!

  3. Darsa says:

    Such a simple, sweet voice she has, it’s so refreshing after having to endure all of the computer generated crap these days.

  4. Rachel says:

    To be frank, I expect Jennifer may be faced with a live performance of this song at the Oscar’s. I hope she is ready for that. 

  5. Lynda says:

    Love it! Beautiful, haunting, and her voice is absolutely fabulous!

  6. w0rkroom says:

    it’s beautiful! why isn’t it on the iTunes soundtrack?!

  7. Merry says:

    This is beautiful!!!!! Cannot believe she said she couldn’t sing well? This is perfect!

  8. Magtak says:

    nerdist cant you send her some of our answers to J Law i think she should hear some of our answeres when she was soo nervous(i think it was the best me and my best freind were making eyecontact we love nice music soundtracks and this one WAS THE MOST TOUCHING

  9. Ken says:

    Too bad they couldnt afford a second verse. Could’ve been a good single. 

  10. alex says:

    the movie was great! it was dark and mysterious and one of my favourite parts was Jennifer Lawrence singing that song! it was the second best installment of the hunger games series with catching fire being the best. nevertheless, jennifer did a great job in singing the song. It was eerie, calm and mysterious.

  11. dubh says:

    great song! it made me remember the kind of songs the slaves sang around the 1820s, with all that tone and sadness

    • Laura says:

      I agree – something that is great a without accompaniment,  could be harmonized sung in a round, etc. catchy tune, would stick in your head….

  12. Jon baker says:

    Jennifer you can sing to me anytime even to sleep. You have a sexy voice and very calming.

  13. I really enjoyed this movie and this scene was fantastic.

  14. Erin says:

    A little Alison Krauss. Very nice.

  15. Taylor Anne says:

    She has that certain je ne sais quoi that I think a lot of female folk singers have that I LOVE! I hope she accepts her awesomeness and sings more!

  16. Jenna says:

    Beautiful. She did a fantastic job. 

  17. Jillian L says:

    When this song played during the credits, my sister and i sang along. Even after the movie, we were humming it. Its beautiful – more so now that i can hear it out loud and not try to imagine what it was. 

  18. Reminds me of Build That Wall from Bastion for some reason. Done without the instruments of course, but pacing and tone, yeah.