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Listen to an Epic Track from Steven Price’s SUICIDE SQUAD Original Score (Premiere)

If there’s one thing to say about the new Suicide Squad film, it’s that the movie is rife with talking points, from Jared Leto’s on-set antics to the name-heavy soundtrack. Suicide Squad really did pull out all the stops with its set of original songs, as it includes new tracks by performers including Action Bronson, Mark Ronson, Dan Auerbach, Grimes, Skrillex, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots, and others, if you can believe it.

That’s impressive, but also not to be overlooked is the film’s original score, which was composed by Academy Award-winner Steven Price, whose previous work includes music for Fury and Gravity. The score is set to be released on August 8, but before that, listen to the exclusive premiere of “One Bullet Is All I Need” below.

Price told us that the composition was an early idea in the scoring process that was formative to the rest of the score: “This is a piece from quite late on in the film, but it was one of the first things I wrote; sometimes you need to know the end before you can work out the beginning!” he said. “I’d continually return to it during the time I spent on the film, tweaking away to get the sense of build to feel right. It ended up being one of the most choral pieces in the score, and also one of the most dynamic, going from the biggest crescendo to a moment of real quiet.”

Check out “One Bullet Is All I Need” below, as well as the tracklist of the original score, which will also have a physical release on August 8.

Suicide Squad: Original Motion Picture Score tracklist

1. “Task Force X”
2. “Arkham Asylum”
3. “I’m Going To Figure This Out”
4. “You Make My Teeth Hurt”
5. “I Want To Assemble A Task Force”
6. “Brother Our Time Has Come”
7. “A Serial Killer Who Takes Credit Cards”
8. “A Killer App”
9. “That’s How I Cut and Run”
10. “We Got A Job To Do”
11. “You Die We Die”
12. “Harley And Joker”
13. “This Bird Is Baked”
14. “Hey Craziness”
15. “You Need A Miracle”
16. “Diablo’s Story”
17. “The Squad”
18. “Are We Friends Or Are We Foes?”
19. “She’s Behind You”
20. “One Bullet Is All I Need”
21. “I Thought I’d Killed You”
22. “The Worst Of The Worst”

Does Suicide Squad live up to our expectations? Find out below!

Featured Image: Warner Bros. Pictures



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