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Lionsgate Wants to Make 7 POWER RANGERS Movies

The new Power Rangers reboot movie is less than a year away, but Lionsgate is already making ambitious plans to turn the long-running TV juggernaut into a full-fledged feature film franchise. (The 5 Fs!)

Via ComingSoon, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer offered the following comment during an investor conference call: “We are really really excited about the Power Rangers movie. We could see doing five or six or seven.”

Seven movies? Keep in mind, there haven’t even been seven Transformers movies yet, so that may be a little bit too ambitious. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers only got two films during the ‘90s, including one after its popularity had peaked. There’s no guarantee that the first Power Rangers reboot movie is going to be a blockbuster, but if Lionsgate is serious about making that many movies then we have a few thoughts about how they could do that.

For the core Power Rangers movies, let’s assume that Lionsgate (like most of Hollywood) is still in love with the trilogy model. It may be outdated in the era of cinematic universes, but there’s almost always at least three films to a franchise. So, there will probably be three movies with the rebooted Power Rangers cast, including sequels that reintroduce the Green Ranger and Lord Zedd.

In the TV series, the Green Ranger (a.k.a. Tommy Oliver) was the most popular character on the team. Assuming that holds true for the movies as well, there could potentially be a Green Ranger solo film. The other Power Ranger with solo potential is Kimberly Hart, the Pink Ranger. Boom! Studios will actually be releasing a Pink Ranger solo comic this summer, which could demonstrate that the title character has a following of her own.

Another possibility for the Power Rangers films is a spinoff. In 1995, Saban attempted to bring Kamen Rider to America as Masked Rider, which shared a universe with the Power Rangers TV series. That’s six potential movies. For the seventh Power Rangers movie, it’s likely that we’d see a reboot of the reboot, with a fresh cast and possibly new characters taking over from the core Power Rangers team.

Again, this is all speculation about how the franchise could be expanded. Lionsgate may already have its own plans in place. But first, the Power Rangers reboot has to demonstrate its full potential when it hits theaters on March 24, 2017.

What movies would you choose for the seven Power Rangers movies? Let us know in the comment section below!

Power Rangers casting stuff right here!

Image: Lionsgate

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