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Lindsey Stirling Goes Steampunk in Her ‘Roundtable Rival’ Video

When it comes to the world’s top violinist, few can rock the string instrument harder than Lindsey Stirling. Over the years, the dancing/fiddling sensation that rose to prominence following various appearances on America’s Got Talent has taken the internet by storm, crafting a wide array of extremely viral music videos. There was the ice castle-set “Crystallize”, the “Thriller”-inspired “Moon Trance,” the Elder Scrolls-influenced “Skyrim,” but in her latest attempt, “Roundtable Rival,” Stirling takes things to a whole new level, and that level is decidedly steampunk: Stirling clearly knows when it’s time to up her game, and with “Roundtable Rival”, she definitely delivered. “Roundtable Rival” features one of the best narratives displayed in the artist’s catalog, and the fact that it takes place in a magical world where showdowns happen with guitars and violins rather than firearms makes it all the sweeter. Seriously, imagine if the modern United Stated evolved out of this wild west. All our conflicts could be settled in Battle of the Bands-style competitions. Presidential debates and congressional hearings would take on a whole other vibe as we eagerly waited for the drop halfway through the discussion of income tax code revisions. At the moment, Stirling’s latest album, Shatter Me, is available on iTunes, Amazon and in physical form at Target. Considering this track plus many more are included on it, we highly urge you to pick it up and rock out to the violin excellence contained within. What do you think of Lindsey Stirling’s latest? Let us know in the comments below.

Image: Lindsey Stirling

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  1. kokopellikruiser says:

    I loved here since the first time I saw her on AGT. I thought she was EXACTLY what that show is supposed to be about…unique, talented, etc. Losing was probably the best thing that happened to her. I’ve loved everything I’ve seen of hers since, but before this, Crystillize was probably my favorite.

  2. Nick says:

    I love Lindsey Stirling, and I enjoy her videos. I did not love this video as much as I thought I would or as much as I probably should have.

  3. While I’m a huge Stirling fan, I don’t think she could go bow to bow with Mairead Nesbitt. Not yet, but she’s young.

  4. Jonh says:

    Wow amazing definitely how the west was won 

  5. Axl says:

    One of the best music videos I have seen! Full of power, energy und melody. Fights like these should be fought. Leave your fire weapons at home!

  6. davd says:

    OK, so Lindsey is obviously awesome, and I love her and her videos and music. That said, you can’t really complain when someone else does not like the music, Lindsey’s actual level of playing in these songs is not above any other average violinist. She is awesome because of the live shows, music videos and composing that she does. 

  7. Rhonda says:

    Lindsey Stirling is AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!! I am 56 and wish I had a do-over in this life! I would be that little fireball with a violin!  Telling everyone I know about her!

  8. Lindsey Stirling has inspired my daughter to take up the violin. My daughter may never play at this level but to be inspired to take up a classical instrument and really try is a powerful thing.

  9. Carrie says:


  10. Bubba says:

    Best yet

  11. Sureallifebouy says:

    What was “steampunk” about this??? 

    • Ian moone says:

      Agreed, they had goggles is all I saw. If anything that was Weird West, a steampunk sub culture

  12. Shogoot says:

    Super Über boring. The Music without the video was a yawn from start to finish. Cute girl, terrible music.

  13. DavidBarr4x says:

    Lindsey Stirling is the most amazing thing to happen to music and dance in a very long time.To the guy who is complaining about her obvious cuteness and phenomenal pulchritude facilitating her rise to stardom, I ask you to set such prejudices aside and listen to her music.I first heard Lindsey on Pandora long ago when she was a virtual unknown. I was at work, and was so blown away by what I heard, I had to find out who was responsible for this wholly unique music – give me ONE artist you can compare to Lindsey’s sound. You cannot. When I saw her at the House of Blues in Boston,  was I smitten by her spellbinding beauty? …Who wouldn’t be? But don’t diminish Lindsey’s talent just because she’s something of a goddess to look at: she is a highly professional entertainer, musician, and dancer. You could not possibly leave a Lindsey Stirling show without being thoroughly convinced of this.

    • davd says:

      Relax man, he isnt knocking anything but her playing ability. of course she is awesome at live shows, videos and composing… but her playing skill is nothing special. and you can hear her say that herself if you dont bilieve me. 

      • Hagoth says:

        Lindsey is very humble but her planing skills are way above normal especially when she does it while daning. Andrea Bocelli stated that her talent and skill is off the charts and she will be playing with him next month. It is obvious you all do not know what you are talking about.

  14. Kathleen says:

    I absolutely love Lindsey’s creativity and energy she brings to each new piece and video.  So much talent. Keep rockin it Lindsey.

  15. Z? says:

    This is my favorite video of hers, but I’m sorry, goggles do not mean steampunk dammit!

  16. Hard though it often is, I try to follow the Jonah Ray “live and let live” music mantra, understanding that music is a subjective art and that qualitative assessments are purely matters of opinion. Accordingly, I won’t say that Lindsey Stirling is bad. She’s not my cup of tea, but she’s plenty of others’. However. Can we finally admit to ourselves just how much of her popularity is attributable to her…non-musical attributes? If a young, attractive male performed the same songs and dances, I’m 100% convinced we wouldn’t be seeing him on America’s Got Talent. If there were were, say, a less conventionally attractive who wore track pants and hoodies who danced and fiddled with more skill than Lindsey Stirling, she would likely not receive nearly the same attention, even if she appealed to nerd/gamer/geed demographics all the same. Food for thought as you exalt this pretty, dancing white woman to the level of musical genius.

    • *one less “were” *woman *geek

    • Nothing wrong with a talented and attractive artist.  It isn’t her fault she’s adorable and knows how to sell an image.  🙂

    • Sierra Wormlight says:

      Funny thing she didn’t win at the time the judge said her violin sounded like a dying rat and the music sounded horrid so she was voted off actually that’s what gave her the drive to make these videos and music and recently got a tweet from the same judge saying that he was wrong and an offer for her to try again on amt not to mention that her music is wholly unique and stunning

    • PetitRuisseau says:

      Ok… Sorry my english is bad…

      But you can understand (I hope), girls are just talented because they are beautifull ? So ugly girls need more respect because their are “just talented” ? Seriously, a man who dance and play like her could have the same popularity one exemple :
      Do they have nice curves or edges ? No ! And they are talented because they dance so good !

      Don’t think always girls are good because they are pretty that’s so stupid.
      I’m sorry but our ladys need more attention from men not for their bottom but for their talent.

  17. Lindsey is the most original, genuinely talented, and entertaining person in the music industry today. She has amassed a huge following by her amazing creation of a whole new genre of music (dub-step/EDM/Fusion Violin) while not compromising her high moral standards! This is truly rare in today’s times when the majority of the music world bombards music fans to all kinds of negative or overtly profanity laced or hyper-oversexualization of women. Lindsey is simply the “real deal” and connects directly with fans and listening to feedback. I can think of no other artists that comes close to that sincerity and appreciation of fan support. This is what real “girl power” is and Lindsey is the type of role-model we all need more of in our lives, young, old, male or female alike.  Proud to be an alumni Stirlingite!!! #KSLL

  18. Jillian Hall says:

    I think she is absolutely brilliant.