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Life-Size GAME OF THRONES Tyrion Lannister Statue Drinks and Knows Things

You’d want Jon Snow around if a White Walker was nearby, and you’d definitely want Daenerys Targaryen on hand if you needed an enemy fleet burned to ashes. However if you all you wanted from the Game of Thrones world was an evening of revelry with a friend, preferably one who would pick up the tab, you’d want to drink the night away with Tyrion Lannister. While you might not be able to join him for some Arbor Gold in King’s Landing, you can still have him around for a night of debauchery with a life-size, 3D-printed statue.

This work, which we came across at io9, was designed by Jeff Christianson. He based it on a smaller 3D-printed Tyrion statue whose specs were available on Thingiverse, where he also freely shared the plans for his own 10-piece model. Since Christianson upscaled his version of Tyrion to actor Peter Dinklage’s actual height, his statue took a lot longer to print: a whopping 1,400 hours. The 25-pound Tyrion also then needed to be sanded, pieced together, and painted. So, if you want to make your own you might need to call your loyal bannermen to help.

Since this Tyrion comes with the Hand of the King pin, but does not have the facial scar he received during the Battle of Blackwater Bay, this statue is based on Tyrion’s season two look when he filled in for his father Tywin as Joffrey’s hand. That season he spent a lot of time with his sister Cersei, who would be the last person in Westeros we’d want to drink the night away with, even if she was only a statue.

Imagine how terrifying it would be to see a life-sized Cersei staring at you after a night of drinking.

What other character from Game of Thrones would you love to have a life-sized statue of? Tell us in the comments section below.

Images: Jeff Christianson

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