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LexCorp Will Supply NY Comic Con With Free Wifi

What would be the threshold for you to root for one of the great villain masterminds of all-time instead of two of the most iconic, beloved superheroes the world has ever known? Would it be very high, requiring the fulfillment of your wildest dreams and fantasies? Or would it possibly take riches unlike those you could even imagine? How high would your price be to betray the principles of righteousness and justice for the the sinister side of evil? How does free wi-fi sound?

For those heading out to New York Comic Con this weekend, you can decide for yourself, because in the newest viral advertisement for next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, LexCorp will be providing free wi-fi for the convention.

Slyly listed on the official New York Comic Con FAQ page, under the question about wifi, it says this:

Yes. Free WiFi throughout the Javits Center will be provided by LexCorp Industries.

LexCorp unites humanity through technology. We believe in technology as a means of communication, unification and a source of inspiration. To access the WiFi on-site at the Javits Center, connect to the “LexCorp” network from the list of available networks.

You will automatically be redirected to the LexCorp WiFi login page where you can enter your email address and click “CONNECT” to gain access to the network. LexCorp – together, we can build a better world.

If my local coffee shop provided free wifi for me I’d be at least willing to consider a life of crime if they asked me, so this is not only a clever a way to promote the movie, but also a way to get a few more people to reconsider their feelings for Lex Luthor. I mean, in some ways he does think he is building a better world. I may have misjudged Lex. I’m open to anything now.

Oh, it is Lex Luthor Jr actually. It was just yesterday we told you about the first viral advertisement, an interview in Fortune magazine with the newest iteration of the classic villain, where we learned he is actually the second Lex Luthor. Jesse Eisenberg‘s character took over his father’s struggling company and made it a massive success. This Lex Luthor (Jr.) looks like he would fit in with the billionaire millenials in Silicon Valley. There is a ton of great stuff so make sure you check it out if you missed it.

If you are heading out to New York Comic Con this weekend remember and Geek & Sundry will be there! Keep an eye out for our very own Dan Casey, and make sure you check our very full schedule so you don’t miss any of the great stuff we have planned.

So what would your price be to betray Batman and Superman? Is there no price your loyalty to the ideals of justice would allow, or are you ready to start wearing Kryptonite clothes and swatting at bats with a tennis racket for some free internet access and a coupon for half off a muffin? Tell us your price in the comments section below.

Image: Warner Brothers

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