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Let’s Talk About “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is coming out in theaters Friday and I knew I’d already read the book. After looking it up, I realized that this was my first ever review for! HOLY CRAP!  It doesn’t seem like it’s been over two years since I started having amazing conversations with you awesome nerds about your literary opinions and dishing out mine.

It’s been so much fun here! Truly, I can’t believe my luck and I want to keep the good times rolling by asking what YOU think about this. There have been a lot of opinions regarding the zombiefication of the classics since the trend first started and I have to say, my opinion has changed a lot since that article two years ago. Don’t get me wrong — I think the movie looks really interesting and I really, REALLY enjoyed the book, but the whole trend got a little out of hand for my tastes. But that happens with everything, eventually, doesn’t it?

I’m interested to hear what you guys think. Are you into the movie? Are we excited to see it? My co-hosts and I discussed it a bit on a forthcoming episode of the podcast No Math Allowed!; That, in case you haven’t been paying attention, is my podcast about books! (Sorta…) We agreed: We hope this doesn’t kick-start the trend back into high gear and bastardize ALL of the classics and/or important historical figures in an attempt to make a blockbuster. I kinda hope they stick to board games for that.

Let’s hear it! Comment here, shout on Twitter @jessicasayswhat, or email me at [email protected]. Listen to me babble on the No Math Allowed! Podcast and check it out on iTunes! Happy reading!

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  2. RM Peeavy says:

    I was lucky enough to witness a panel at SDCC with Damon Lindelof and the author of the book: Seth Graham Smith, and I believe he was at Wondercon last year as well, promoting this movie. I loved SGS other book Pride and Prejudice with Zombies and I also loved this one! I have NOT seen the movie yet, although, I am pretty sure that it’s one of those “read the book” then watch the movie style things in order to appreciate it.

  3. jankhankrie says:

    Last week, I finally picked up the book – partially due to the fact that I wanted to read it before the film dropped and I thought it was being released last weekend…ha! I expected it to be good, based on all the hub-bub about it over that last couple of years, but HOLY CRAP! What a fun book! The attention to historic detail was great and made the story that much more…believable? I mean, obviously, a book about vampires is fiction…right? At any rate, the story itself was gripping, the characters were plentiful (partially because of the rate at which they perished) and the pace was quick enough to not stagnate anywhere along the way. With all of that as a precursor to the film, one would think that it has mighty big shoes to fill. Whomever that one person might be, they’d be right. However, in the hands of pro’s like Tim Burton and Timur Bemba…kotovoskorwitsnewski? It (the film) doesn’t look like it will disappoint. The kitschy, dark style of Burton combined with the action-packed direction, also dark style of that Russian guy who did the Night Watch movies looks like an awesome combo. From some of the limited interviews I’ve caught with the cast/crew, it looks like Seth Grahame-Smith gave a few artistic liberties to Bekmambetov (finally looked up his name). Generally, I’d think this is in poor taste, but since the author is working so closely with the film, I’m of the opinion that it’ll be just fine. In short, I think the film looks pretty badass and I’m super pumped about seeing it this weekend. I suppose that was all that needed to be said, haha! I’ll be back here to see what everyone else thought. Later!

  4. D43m0n says:

    A friend of mine is in a sketch group called “The Sketchersons” and they spooofed this with a movie trailer of their own: Calivin Coolidge: Mummy Hunter.

    It was even picked up by i09:

  5. Pickle says:

    Cant help but think that it looks a bit…for want of a better word…crap. All style and no substance.

  6. John says:

    I read the book after seeing trailers for the movie. Much like everyone else I too am a history major. I liked it and hope the movie is good. My friends aren’t so sure so but one way or the other I will see this. I’m actually looking forward the most too the parts where Abe is president and the Civil War.

  7. oma says:

    I guess I’m just too old now (40) cause the more I see of it the less I like it. Didn’t read the book so I’m just coming from what I see in the previews. Honestly, it just looks dumb to me. Like this makes space Nazi’s look interesting…

  8. boB says:

    I will watch anything that Timur Bekmambetov makes, ever since he introduced me to the incredible Night Watch series.

  9. CJ says:

    I <3 ' d the book; however I hope this doesn't turn into churn out a "changed history" novel followed by a film (not every one of these "changed history" books can be translated into film when the book is good enough) – Worst case scenario? ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER (2012) turns out better then VAN HELSING (2004) & judging from the trailer it already has …

  10. Shannghis Khan says:

    If Tom Cruise is in it I’ll probably see it.

  11. Kierstyn says:

    I enjoyed the book – it was (cliche warning) a fun romp. Like Patty who commented above, I too am a history major, and I think that might have influenced my enjoyment of the way the author mixed in semi-obscure real-life events into the narrative. As for the movie… well, I’ll see it when it comes out for home viewing. The 3-D is not really a lure for me, so there is no need for me to go to the theater and spend $15 for a ticket. This looks like it is going to be a perfect way to spend a weekend evening come wintertime, when I won’t be able to drag my husband off the couch in inclement weather! It looks like a fun, brain-candy sort of entertainment.

    And, on the flip-side, if it turns out to be horrible, I’ll probably enjoy that as well. I adore an amusing cinematic train-wreck.

  12. hockeyrocker says:

    I am looking forward to the movie , but i am very worried about it. I know Hollywood needs to make movies more interesting but I am re reading it and have yet to come across Abe traveling with an African American slave hunter, or there being a fight scene on a train and there certainly is no love interest with a female vampire. Also he never saw his mother being poisoned by a vampire. So I am looking forward to see how the movie is but going by the previews I know there will be a lot of added things to it which is kind of a shame.

  13. Patty Marvel says:

    I am *SO* looking forward to this movie! I’ve a History degree, so some of the IRL references in the novel mashed-up with vampire lore tickled me! Can’t wait to see it on the big screen.