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Let’s Play DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 5TH EDITION at the Wizards of the Coast Offices

Some people are Lawful Good, some are Chaotic Evil, and others, like myself, are what I call Neutral Lucky As Hell. I say that because a couple of weeks ago, a few of my Nerdist comrades and I had the pleasure of paying the Wizards of the Coast offices a visit to partake in some highly entertaining Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition festivities.

HofDQJessica Chobot, Brian Walton, and I were on hand to break out of our D&D noob-cocoons with a firsthand run-through of Hoard of the Dragon Queen, one of the new books from the “Tyranny of Dragons” storyline. Also joining us at the table was Scott Kurtz from PvP Online and Wizards’ very own Mike Mearls, who served as our esteemed Dungeon Master. Sit back, grab some popcorn, and bask in the glorious D&D noobery that’s bound to ensue.

You have to admit, that was not too shabby for a band of D&D newcomers, a testament to how accessible the game is. Needless to say, we had an enormous amount of fun visiting Wizards of the Coast for an excellent afternoon of D&D, and are very thankful that they hosted us. Make sure you head out and grab you very own 5th Edition starter set, and be sure to stay tuned to our Twitch channel as we’ll be live-streaming more games like this in the future.

Catch the full game in the video below:

Are you playing Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition? Let us know about your experiences in the comments below.

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  1. deathbydice says:

    lol love the BOOOOO!! and Tiamat in the background.. also love the odd censoring.. they censor now and again.. but other times not.. it’s odd.. i don’t feel censorship is necessary but a warning for those at work or watching with children would be helpful..

  2. Atte says:

    Played a little D&D but then switched to Pathfinder. I enjoy it a lot more, altough I am on the edge right now- this looks like a fun adventure and the reception I have heard is good. I might need to pick it up.

  3. Chris Miller says:

    Kinda rad to see a session played out.

    But I’m not so sure Chobot should’ve rolled Lawful Good. Or at least, maybe not’ve been so cavalier about abandoning/killing off the wounded townsfolk.

    Otherwise, pretty good for their first time.

  4. Billnado says:

    as much as i love PVP scott seems a little pretentious and like kind of a tool.

  5. chewychaca says:

    super surprised at Jessica’s willingness to leave the injured

  6. Ray Rivera says:

    Any chance you guys could release this as a podcast as well? I would love to be able to listen to it in my car. 

  7. Ranklessdoge says:

    Roland Deschain? Is she reading Dark Tower or is this an amazing coincidence

  8. slomomojo says:

    Ugh.  This video appears to be geo-restricted but instead of the usual “This is not viewable in your country” it dies with an error message.  I could only watch it through a proxy.  I hope it wasn’t an intentional decision to disable it for your non-US viewers.

  9. I love how it’s the girl at the table who has the foulest language! 

    So much for stereotypes… 🙂

  10. Darklurkr23 says:

    So that’s what D&D live is like eh?  Glad I dodged that part of nerdom

    • ForestMusic says:

      The Acquisitions Inc. games from pax are waaaay better. “what D&D live is like” has a ton to do with what the people you’re playing with are like.

  11. Mech1987 says:

    where is the video?

  12. Jesus says:

    Where the fuck is the video?

  13. Confuesd says:

    Where is the video?

  14. Aimbet says:

    Where is the Video at? Please post a link or put it below where you said you would.

  15. Jake says:

    Sorry, where is the video?  Clicked on the Youtube channel, which brought me to the same video I’d just watched, and an instruction to watch the video below.  But it’s not there. Little help?

  16. mike says:

    ok. I’m on nerdiest .com and there’s no video here. why put a video on your site and say to see the rest go to your website?

  17. OThatSean says:

    It was so nice of those two guys Scott and Mike to shave their neck beards for this video. Malik seems like a great guy to game with. DnD is so much fun hope 5th ed is good

  18. Gary says:

    Can’t wait to watch the full video when it is uploaded

  19. kerrell says:

    Thanks guys that was really fun to watch,brings me back to when I played D&D with my friend and his younger brother. Also I’ll say I’m with jessica she’s right leave the wounded they’re just gonna slow you down.

  20. d20crit says:

    Fantastic fun! Thanks, crew!  Was that the fearless leader Chris Hardwick laughing in the room next door around the 38.24 mark? Priceless!

  21. JB says:

    Fantastic! 😀

  22. Marmar says:

    This was super cool! Please do more of these, guys =]

  23. Zebu_Nation says:

    Our podcast is playing D&D 5e and Hoard of the Dragon Queen. http://www.trollthedice,com

  24. Russell Bennett says:

    I have played this Game for over 30 years. It is hard for me to think that this is not just another money grab by Wizards of the Cost. I have spent a small fortune over the years on the D&D franchise. Can you tell me when 6th addition will be released so I can find 5th additions materials on the used market?

    It is hard for me to see what advantage I have received for my 30 plus years of support for D&D.

    As I play in a group with almost 200 years of experience. A group that has been together now for over a decade and counting.

    How does Wizards expect to repay us for our loyalty? Perhaps they will buy back the 40 or so reference items I still have in my Library. So glad I did not jump on the 4th addition band wagon. I think I will stay with Pathfinder until the kinks are all worked out.

    I do wish them Luck. If it is an improved system then I will eventual come around. It is in their court now. They will have to prove it to me.

     Russell Bennett (The Great Goblin Sage)

    • dirkradhammer says:

      Of course when big, bad WotC releases a new edition, it’s a money grab. How dare they sell products to consumers!

      I wonder what your excuse will be when Paizo rolls out Pathfinder 2E in 2016.

      Is there any nuance at all to your opinions, or do you just blindly follow whatever partyline you manage to lummox into during your little internet tantrums?

      “Hey Russell…who’d you vote for?”


    • Kyraeus says:

      I had to give Perkins credit for during the Pax Prime game the other week, the addition of the ‘Inspiration’ game mechanic, wherein you as the GM give players a sort of ‘credit’ for making the hard choices and avoiding metagaming for playing better as their actual character.  Adds something to the game that should have been thought of ages before, and probably WAS a house rule many times.

    • Barius says:

      Money grab? Look at CCGs dude. The money that RPGs bring in is negligible compared to that. There are so many RPGs out there (13th Age, Fate etc) you can just go elsewhere if you don’t want to play D&D. 

    • Sugar says:

      Pathfinder just keeps spitting out splat after splat, cards, miniatures, maps, tokens,  … money grab? why aren’t you being loyal and playing the original AD&D still? Why even post? Sounds like you were a huge 3e fan, but I loved 1st edition and I wasn’t hurt when 3e came out.

    • Del says:

      You make a long post about “money grabbing”, then immediately end it with “I’ll stick with Pathfinder.”
      You don’t see anything wrong with that post, dude?

    • terry says:

      I too have been playing for over 30 years and have spent a small fortune on this game. I don’t see it as a money grab. All you’ve ever needed was the 3 core books, in any edition or clone. All other things are extras to be bought or passed on as wanted. A company needs to continue to generate revenue, be it splat books, accessories, or a new edition to remain in business. I don’t begrudge them that.

    • Ryan Gatts says:

      They owe you nothing but the product they choose to put out, and you owe them nothing but money for the product you choose to buy. Your loyalty or lack thereof is kind of meaningless. You should value the years of gaming with your group not as some sort of an investment in a particular system, but as a goal in and of itself. 
      If you bought your “40 or so reference items” for any reason other than to play with them, your money was misplaced; and if you have already played with them, they have already served their only purpose.
      Isn’t the best thing WotC could do just to put out more different systems and scenarios to further encourage and enable new experiences among their players — existing and new?

  25. salvaterra says:

    omg so cool. watching the full game now.

  26. Dorkgeek the Eyelooker says:

    I really want the Tyranny of Dragons posters on the wall. How Get?!

  27. Shayde says: