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Let’s All Pitch In and Buy The Most Haunted Island in The World

Oh, my goodness, you guys, there is an island off the coast of Venice, Italy — dubbed THE most haunted island in the world — and it is currently up for sale. As in, you could buy it. Or, more reasonable and likely, WE could buy it, together, by pooling our resources and really going crazy. Because who doesn’t want to own a haunted island, eh? No one with a sense of excitement and adventure, that’s who!

If you’re a fan of Ghost Adventures, you may have heard about it — the show’s host claimed to have been possessed while on the island. Poveglia, as its called, is a small, uninhabited island in the Venice lagoon that’s being placed in an online auction to try and help put a dent in Italy’s increasingly massive debt.

Poveglia has been around since at least the 14th century, when the 17-acre island was the center of a land dispute between the Venetians and the Genoese. The good people of Venice must’ve won that battle, though, as it later became a quarantine station for ships heading to Venice in the 18th century. But that’s where things started to get spooky.

Following the discovery of a plague on two of the ships, Poveglia was sealed off and became a sort of internment camp for sick people with a range of infectious and terminal diseases. So, naturally, a lot of people died there, turning the tiny island into a veritable smorgasbord of ghosts. Allegedly!

But things only got weirder as time went on. A hospital was opened in 1922 on the island and is said to have played host to numerous, horrific experiments and surgeries on the mentally ill, including a few lobotomies. Those were performed by the director of the place, who was later driven mad by the ghosts on the island and ended up throwing himself from the hospital tower. It closed for good in 1968.

So, we don’t know about the rest of you, but this sounds like primo Nerdist real estate. What say we all pool our money together and buy this place? You think Italy would take a check? Or will they need cash? We’ve got, like, $47 we could throw into the pot — surely that’ll buy those Italians a lot of dough (Get it?! Like pizza?! Get it?!… hey, wait, come back!) and assist them in their indebted adventures. Right?

So, who’s down for a trip to Poveglia? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Chris says:

    If nerdist backs the kickstarter im in. Make a trip to the island one of the rewards.

  2. Jackie says:

    Yes yes yes! I’d give every dime I had for that!

  3. TJ Heesch says:

    OH HELL NO!!! seen too many horror films to know that “mocking haunted places and going to those places to mock the authenticity of the hauntings” NEVER ends in anything other than a huge body count. guys go ahead and do that…there will be lots of job openings at the Nerdist!

  4. Rachel says:

    I’m in as long as I actually get to visit was trying to get my husband to buy it out right but this seems more feasible

  5. Mik3_N says:

    I’m winning the lottery tonight, so I am all in, everyone’s invited to visit.

  6. I’m definitely in Chris Hardwick. ..could always use another place to hide the bodies.

  7. Dez Combs says:

    Let me see what the Easter Bunny leaves me. I’ll put it ALL in!

  8. Erica says:

    Let’s do it!!!

  9. Ghabriel Baber says:

    Let’s do this!!!

  10. I cash in my penny jar and chip in for the cause!

  11. Why not! Let’s do it! Let’s be real nerds & someone set it up as a charitable endeavor, too, so it can be used for good things — perhaps a refuge for “retirees” from now banned animal testing facilities (neutered, of course, but kind of like Japan’s Rabbit Island). And making the collected funds tax deductible would be a nice & practical nerdish twist as well.

  12. Leonie brok says:

    I’ll put in some cash too :3

  13. allen lee but says:

    Kickstart it!

  14. Ted Dalton says:

    Id throw a few bucks at it

  15. Elsa says:

    Ok I want to hear the final prize, how much entire thing plus the several exorcisms and blessings will cost. Then removal of whoever is buried there. Then we talk business .

  16. Dax Valencia says:

    This. This right here is why I need to win the lottery.

  17. Okay here it is, if you were serious,

    We will keep this up if there are donations coming in….the NERDIST will get to make the decisions on how the money will be spent for the project.

  18. Dominique says:

    Heck yeah, let’s do it!

  19. Sarah says:

    I’ll throw in $100

  20. AJ says:

    I will cheerfully fork money over to own part of this island, even if it’s a single brick in a wall.

  21. Viv says:

    If Chris Hardwick will join me there, I’m in!!!

  22. Ashley! says:

    I’m so in!