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Let the Games Begin

Can’t wait for the  April 17th premier of “Game of Thrones”?  Well, HBO hit the interwebs with 15 minutes of goodness for your eyeballs and earholes.
Hit up this link for the full sized version.
World Penguin Day Reminder: Penguin Mouths are Nightmare Pits

World Penguin Day Reminder: Penguin Mouths are Nightmare Pits

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These Leatherbound HARRY POTTER Books Come with Horcrux Bookmarks

The Religious Symbolism of the ALIEN Series

The Religious Symbolism of the ALIEN Series



  1. Roby says:

    Good point. I hadn’t touhgth about it quite that way. 🙂

  2. Holt says:

    My husband and I started reading this series together before our wedding and were so captivated we continued reading right on through the honeymoon. I just know the beheadings, immolation, and pillaging are going to make my heart go squishy. I can’t wait!

  3. Kurt M Andersen says:

    Hey! Watch those spoilers. (He said with his lower lip quivering and a single tear running down his cheek.)

  4. winter is coming all over your face says:

    I just started reading this with the Fantasy bookclub on Reddit.

  5. Tanatie says:

    wow, finally…I’m sorry, but I was waiting so long for Nerdist crew to notice…sheesh…it’s gonna be such a game of thrones / a song of ice and fire year. Game of Thrones will completely dominate the summer (and will be the only thing to watch besides Doctor Who, TV-wise), and on July 12th, about 2 weeks after the show ends, A Dance with Dragons will finally be released…I’ve been following this show since before the first cast member was um…cast…and everything looks amazing so far…I kept waiting for something to go wrong, either the pilot won’t be picked up, or they’ll get some crap actors, or they’ll completely change the story, or they’ll have boromir dying for 20 minutes while killing orcs…oops, wrong movie 🙂

    anyway, it really looks promising even for us diehard fans…not to mention the biggest fans, who have in some cases already seen the screeners and are still psyched…it’s supposed to be on the LOTR level or even better in some areas…

    and I’ve put up a fan site, with daily updates about the show or the books…click on my name to go see every piece of news out there, with all the trailers/teasers & behind the scenes…

  6. Danenery's steaming tit milk says:

    Boromir cuts off that dude’s head and then gets his own head cut off later. Ah the circle of life.

  7. Bocephus says:

    SOOO GOOD! My favorite book series done correctly on tv the first time out of the gate? yeah thats awesome. April 17th can’t come fast enough. omg then its doctor who the weekend after that! I love april

  8. Philip says:

    Movie and book are different mediums. If you keep that in mind, this preview delivered pretty much on every level. Looking forward to the real thing.