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LEGO Machine Ices Those Holiday Cookies For You

You had such good intentions for this holiday season. “Send me your address if you want some homemade Christmas cookies!” you posted across all of your social media accounts. Seventy-eight replies later you knew you had made a horrible mistake. How could you possibly pull this off?

It just so happens the answer to your baking problems comes from the most unusual of places — LEGOs.

Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks has created a cookie-icing contraption using a LEGO Mindstorms machine. All you need to build his “EV Icer” is the LEGO Mindstorms machine (retail set number 31313), then head over to his page to download the instructions and the program file to run it. You can decorate all of your cookies with holiday images like snowflakes, angels, and stars, turning your kitchen into a mini-assembly line, all while you sit there, hating yourself for how many cookies you keep eating while the machine does the hard work.


Allemann also has plenty of tips on how to make sure everything is working at its best, but says that when it comes to the most important element, the consistency of the icing itself, you’ll probably have to get it right the old-fashioned way — figuring it out with some trial runs.

If you think this is pretty cool, please check out some of his other LEGO creations, but definitely watch his kinetic LEGO Sisyphus statue, which is unquestionably one of the coolest thing you’ll ever see someone use LEGOs for:

What other holiday chore do you wish you could pass off to a machine? Let’s build a conversation about it in the comments below.

HT: Gizmodo

Images: JK Brickworks

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