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LEGO JURASSIC Ideas are Prehistorically Awesome

Judging by the box office take alone, odds are you’ve probably seen Jurassic World. Odds are also pretty good that you’ve taken the opportunity to re-watch, or at least just reminisce, about 1993’s Jurassic Park, which gave a whole generation dinosaurs-fever I just rewatched it; guess what — holds up. And with all this Jurassic goodwill in the collective zeitgeist, it seems as good as time as any for people to get creative.

LEGO Ideas is the place where folks with an idea and a master-builder’s eye can design a set that could become a real set people can buy, provided it gets enough signatures. Last week, we told you about a massive LEGO Jurassic Park visitor’s center up for consideration, and now we’ve got two more sets worth a gander from Isla Nublar.

First up is a LEGO Jurassic Park Ford Explorer, the automated car in which the original tour took place. It’s a pretty darn accurate version of the SUV and even has minifig representations of Drs. Alan Grant, Ellie Satler, and Ian Malcolm. There is no word as to whether the car is accompanied by the voice of Richard Kiley, no matter the expense not spared.

LEGO Jurassic Park Explorer 2

The second set is the star of Jurassic World, despite what Chris Pratt might tell you: the fearsome genetic experiment gone wrong, Indominus rex. It’s particularly difficult to make organic material look right using square LEGO, but this looks like it solves that problem rather well.

LEGO Indominus Rex 1

Now, both of these sets were created by the same builder, and while they may look like no-brainers, it’s not always that simple. Prior to these, that builder submitted a truly awesome Jurassic Park gate set, complete with Tyranosaurus, but it wasn’t put through by the LEGO board of choosers.

If you’d like to support these sets, you can vote for the Indominus rex here and the Ford Explorer set here. Hey, maybe these two will get approved! (A full gallery of both are below.)

Which one are you voting for? What set should this builder attempt next? Leave comments, you dino-sassers!

HT: Slashfilm


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