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LEGION Season 2 Teaser Says Nothing We Saw in Season 1 Was Real

We’re not delusional—Legion‘s first super trippy season was fantastic. However now we have to ask ourselves if anything we saw during it actually happened, because a new teaser for the upcoming second season wants us to know that everything we “think is real never occurred.” And even scarier, that everything that is coming is “very, very real.”

The ominous, stylish new teaser features Aubrey Plaza‘s Lenny back in the psychiatrist chair treating us as her confused patient, telling us our experiences watching season one were merely projections of our repressed sexuality and broken psyche. She informs us that we’re all delusional, and that David, his friends, what happened to them last season, and even her, were not real.

Considering the reality and time-bending storytelling of Legion in season one, which took us through David’s memory and across astral planes, called into question whether or not David was a normal person having a mental breakdown or if he really had special mutant powers, and constantly left us asking what parts of the narrative we could definitively say happened, this teaser looks like the upcoming season will challenge us just as much.

It also might point towards season two not being a traditional continuation of where season one ended, which saw the Shadow King taking over Jemaine Clement’s Oliver, but as possibly another chapter in season one itself. There’s a chance it might completely undo everything season one did. Or this could all just be the Shadow King trying to make everyone crazy.

Either way, regardless of how real any of it is, we’re ready to try and find out. We’d have to be delusional not to be.

Legion returns on April 3rd.

What do you make of this teaser? What does it mean for the upcoming season? Tell us your very real thoughts in the comments below.

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