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LEGION to Feature ALIEN: COVENANT Sneak Peek, and More TV news

LEGION to Feature ALIEN: COVENANT Sneak Peek, and More TV news

It’s time to gather after a long weekend and catch up on television news. We have a few things to talk about, friends. Today’s TV-Cap features a heads-up about an Alien: Covenant preview, a trailer for season eight of Archer, a Daredevil tease with a little clue for The Defenders, and more.


Sneak Peek Incoming! Let’s start TV-Cap with a movie/TV news combo because I like to keep you on your toes. Tune into FX’s Legion tomorrow, February 22, as there will be a new sneak peek for Alien: Covenant (note the new crew photo above). Also, Legion is just an excellent series. [Image: Fox]

Anthology Answer. Hulu’s going back to a pair they’ve worked with before for a new anthology series: Stephen King and J.J. Abrams will produce Castle Rock. The town is named after a location featured in King’s books, and each season of the show will highlight different characters and storylines in Castle Rock. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Getting Noir. Archer is going to the past. Season eight of the animated series is set to premiere on FXX on April 5, and a new trailer shows the setting is changing. Archer is going noir in 1940s Los Angeles. Since it’s called Dreamland, I think it’s safe to say it’s all a dream Archer’s experiencing while he’s in a coma. [TVLine]

Oh Yes. Need more Mystery Science Theater 3000 in your life? Who doesn’t? Head right this way to learn about how MST3K is heading to the pages of comics.

Spawn on Twitch. Twitch is bringing two characters from Spawn comics to life in a TV series, but maybe not the characters you’d expect: Sam and Twitch. They’re NYPD homicide detectives and have become popular characters in the Spawn universe. And isn’t it kind of fun to have a Sam and Twitch series on Twitch? Anyway, Kevin Smith is on board as director, writer, and executive producer for the series. [IGN]

Newspaper Clues. The official Twitter account for Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil posted a new image from the New York Bulletin and tells fans to “look closely.” There’s the big eye-grabbing Punisher headline, to be sure, something about gang members being questioned, and on the lower left, a bit about the Lost City. The headline reads “New Theories Shed Light on Lost City.” Is that a reference to K’un-Lun? The location will soon be introduced in Iron Fist. [CBR]

The End. We know the end of Game of Thrones is coming in the near future, and we’re all on the edge of our seats. Mashable spoke with some cast members from the series, and they talked about how they’re feeling as they slide towards the end. And Alfie Allen teased season seven is “gonna be a crazy season. It’s definitely going to blow a lot of people’s minds.” Read more at Mashable.

Surfing Dolphins


Walrus & Cub

More Exploring. If you’re enjoying watching Planet Earth II, then BBC America has another up close and personal look at nature for you: Blue Planet II, a follow-up to 2001’s The Blue Planet. The upcoming seven part series will explore the world’s oceans with Sir David Attenborough. It will feature new creatures captured on film for the first time, footage on every continent and ocean, and so much more. I’m so ready even though I’m scared of the ocean. [Images: BBC America]

Oh Hey. Speaking of Planet Earth II, we have an interview with the producers of the gorgeous nature series. Read it right here at Nerdist.

Premiere Tunes. Season two of WGN America’s Underground will arrive on March 8, and the episode will include two songs of note: Beyoncé’s “Freedom” and an original song from John Legend called “In America.”

ICYMI. In case you missed some excellent hours of television over the weekend, we have you covered with some recaps. Read our thoughts on the latest installments of Star Wars Rebels, The Walking Dead, and Supergirl.

Spoilers follow for Star Wars Rebels.

A Departure. The most recent episode of Star Wars Rebels saw a departure from the core group. Sabine Wren decided to remain with her family and work on reuniting Mandalore. I talked with series executive producer Dave Filoni about the twist; you can read the interview here at Nerdist.

I know you have predictions about season seven of Game of Thrones. Share them with me in the comments.

Featured Image: Fox

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