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Legendary Pictures SDCC Hall H Panel Live Blog

Chris Hardwick moderated a SDCC Hall H panel on Saturday featuring clips, cast, and crew of Legendary Pictures’ upcoming blockbusters, Crimson Peak by Guillermo del Toro, and Warcraft directed by Duncan Jones. It will also include surprises from highly anticipated Legendary movies, including, Krampus, and more. Should prove to be an epic hour, folks!

Legendary’s Thomas Tull comes out first to talk about how excited they are, and to make a bet to see how many times Guillermo del Toro will say the F word.

Hardwick then comes out and introduces Guillermo who asks that we all ignore Tom Hiddleston comes out. Of Crimson Peak, he wanted to tell a lush period piece and one with incredibly strong female characters. He wanted to make a classical Gothic romance without a damsel in distress. Twists are a little more gender liberated than others, shall we say. It’s the duty of genre directors to change things up a bit. He also says he WON’T say the F word.

We then saw the extended international trailer, which is terrifying, followed by bringing up Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, and Jessica Chastain.

Guillermo then announced that there will be a Crimson Peak area at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights.

Hiddleston says he likes the grand hall in the house, Guillermo likes the bathroom, Chastain likes her bedroom. Mia was new to the genre and was given a copy of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein by Guillermo and he acted as her guide through horror.

Hiddleston talks about a document he got from del Toro that contained every single piece of information and backstory about his character. Del Toro teased him more than any director he’d ever worked with.

Chastain loves her character and how fiercely loyal she is. Most of that came from the biography she was given by Guillermo. The actors apparently don’t share the biographies, so they can keep secrets from each other.

This is the first time del Toro was making a movie like the Spanish films he’s made for an English-speaking audience. He felt completely free to make an “adult” movie in English.

Crimson Peak comes out October 16th!

Up next is Krampus!

Director Michael Dougherty comes out and talks about what the Krampus is, essentially the Dark Santa Claus, who beats bad kids. He wanted to make a scary Christmas movie. What if Christmas wishes turned dark because of lack of belief?

After the trailer, which looks really cool, cast members Toni Collete and Adam Scott are introduced. Collete had never heard of Krampus and who he was, but she was surprised by how funny the script was. David Koechner is also in the movie. Scott and Dougherty sat and talked about Amblin movies for two hours, Goonies and Poltergeist and the like and was impressed by the desire to do a horror movie for the family like in the ’80s.

WETA did all the creatures in this movie, but the creature won’t be revealed too fast or too soon.

Scott says, up until it gets scary, it’s like you’re watching a Vacation movie. The kind of movie we haven’t seen in quite some time.

Merry Christmas, says Collete!

Up next, Warcraft.

Duncan Jones comes out and talks about the three years of Warcraft at Comic-Con. Compares the movie as what the LOTR movies are for people who’ve ever read Tolkien.

Cast members Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Toby Kebbell, Dominic Cooper, Rob Kazinksky, Ben Schnetzer, Clancy Brown, Ruth Negga, Daniel Wu accompanied by clips of their characters from the film and pictures on the sides of the stage in the extended screens.

Fimmmel talks about how lucky they were to have Jones as a director and how amazing it all looks now, not being broomsticks with foam.

Patton says it’s one of the greatest challenges she’s had as an actress, being half human half orc and she finds herself in Azaroth and doesn’t really fit in in either world. There was no research to be done for that!

Foster said working with Duncan Jones and getting to play a wizard was a no-brainer for him. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime.

Kebbell plays Duritan and can’t say too much else about it.

Cooper says the humans had it worse than the Orcs because the Orc actors just play in pajamas.

Kazinsky, a ranked World of Warcraft player plays Orgrim and says he lost a girlfriend because of it. Now who’s the winner, lady?!?

Clancy Brown answers what it was like in Orc and it’s amazing. He looks out over the crowd of 7,000 and sees nothing but fuel for the fell.

Negga says her character is the great woman behind the great man.

Wu plays Guldan and really took the role to get in her wife’s good graces since she was such a huge WOW fan.

Theeeeeen we gets some exclusive footage!

It mostly followed the Horde, which all look truly amazing and a beautiful mo-capped representation of those characters from the game, and then we get into the real trailer, which looked especially great on the massive panorama triple-screen. This is going to be a truly epic, truly colorful, truly amazing movie I think. All the hype and years of excitement will more than likely pay off. Wow.

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