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Legendary Joins Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls at the Party

It’s a very exciting day around these parts, because our family is is expanding — and it’s getting super-smart. Because the incomparable Amy Poehler and her Smart Girls at the Party have hopped aboard the ol’ Legendary Digital Network ship and become the latest team to join, well, our party. Nerdist? Geek & Sundry? Meet the Smart Girls!

Ain’t no party like a Legendary party, ‘cuz a Legendary party’s full of intelligence!

We’ve even got a sweet lil message from Ms. Poehler herself to help ring in the exciting news.

For those of you who may be egregiously out of the know, Smart Girls at the Party was created in 2008 by Poehler and her friends Meredith Walker and Amy Miles. With more than 550,000 Facebook fans and more than 5 million views on its YouTube channel, Smart Girls shows young folks out there that it’s not only okay to be yourself — it’s better when you do! Their goal is to provide an alternative to so much of the Internet’s clutter by emphasizing intelligence and imagination over fitting in. Considering they’re joining a group that consists of nerds and geeks, we think they’ll do just fine, celebrating curiosity and being our weird and wonderful selves. Now that sounds like our kinda party!

“We at Smart Girls are excited to be working with Legendary and look forward to providing funny and inspirational content for all of the goofballs out there,” explained Poehler.

“All of us at Legendary are thrilled to be aligned with the iconic and inspiring Amy Poehler and her team at Smart Girls,” explained Legendary’s President of Television and Digital Media, Bruce Rosenblum. “Amy, Meredith, and Amy have created a special online community for young women that will fit naturally with our digital efforts. We genuinely look forward to supporting the growth of their brand and influence across our digital platform.”

So how’s about a round of applause for those Smart Girls, eh? Leave your excitement in the comments.

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  1. Margaux says:

    Oh god i can’t wait. (i really really hope Amy will be invited to Janet’s podcast)