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Legendary Announces Mothra of All News at Comic-Con

Massive news today out of San Diego. Sure, most news out of Comic-Con is big, but we’re talking extra super-sized. You might even say – Gargantuan. After the runaway success of Godzilla earlier this year, a sequel was immediately greenlit, but a certain question was on everybody’s lips, something that made Kaiju fans salivate in a radioactive way. After months of waiting we finally have the news we wanted: Legendary Pictures has revealed that not only is Gareth Edwards returning for Godzilla 2, Mothra is inbound.

The news came in a special teaser from director Gareth Edwards and is as welcome as that familiar horn blast signifying Godzilla himself is coming to save us. While we don’t yet have any idea as to whether the monster will be getting their own solo films much the way they did in the early 1960’s, the prospect of putting any other familiar snarling visages on the same screen as the newly redesigned Big Green Guy is a bright one indeed.

To our way of thinking, Mothra, the enormous egg/larva/chrysalis/moth creature that once destroyed Tokyo but almost every time since was a protector, aided by the two tiny faeries who sing in unison was the fan favorite to be brought back in the new iteration of the classic Kaiju. Maybe Legendary will plant some seeds for future films in the original series’ footsteps and pit Godzilla against the quadrupedal spiny tank Anguirus from Godzilla’s very second film, Godzilla Raids Again from 1956.

Whichever direction they go, Legendary now has 60 years of cinematic monster history at their fingertips, like kids in a behemoth candy store.

Check back in a little bit for our complete report of the Legendary Pictures panel from Comic-Con International in San Diego. While you wait, check out all the monsters in Godzilla Goodness.

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  1. Lone Rider says:

    Enjoy movie with excitement

  2. JKDM says:

    a great trailer and bait and switch with Bryan Cranston made the first movie all that money.  Wonder how they will do it again.

  3. Rich says:

    You’re missing Rodan and King Ghidorah, who were also revealed in that same announcement.