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Witness the Glory of ZELDA’s Hyrule Recreated in VR

How quickly would you go out and buy a virtual reality headset if I told you you could wander through The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past‘s Hyrule using the new tech? The only appropriate answer is immediately. If the prospect of that entices you, you’re in luck because VRmy of Darkness recreated an explorable version of the iconic map using the HTC Vive. Best of all, it’s completely free to download. (Note: This project is not endorsed by Nintendo, and meant solely for fans of the franchise.)

You can either explore the map from Link’s perspective, or oversee the whole thing from above. Can you imagine visiting Hyrule Castle or Kakariko Village? Now wipe the drool from your chin and watch the clip!


In an email interview with UploadVR, Melissa Lovecraft of VRmy of Darkness revealed a little secret: “This map model was actually re-purposed from a Game of Thrones / Legend of Zelda mashup for Megasteakman’s ‘Game of Hyrule’ on YouTube.” You can watch that clip right here. Find out more about the intricacies of how the VR experience came together with the team’s behind-the-scenes blog.

Overall, this is a cool recreation that maintains the magic of the source material. It’s not a full game, of course, but it’s the type of experience that can really only be fun in VR. Personally, I’m going to check Hyrule out from Link’s perspective.


I’m still convinced Nintendo could make a VR headset mimicking what the Samsung Gear VR and the Google Daydream View where all you’d have to do is slide the tablet into some goggle apparatus. It wouldn’t be comparable to the high-end headsets like the PSVR, Rift, and Vive, but the big N could surely make use of the tech in imaginative ways.

Would you like to see more of these types of projects make their way to VR? What other worlds would you like to explore using your fancy headset? Do you think Nintendo will eventually embrace virtual reality? Phase your thoughts into the comments section below!

Images: VRmy of Darkness, Nintendo 

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