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LEGEND OF ZELDA Fan Builds LEGO Hyrule Castle from Twilight Princess

The creativity and ingenuity of the custom LEGO community seems to be growing exponentially. Earlier this summer, we saw a custom LEGO build of the Tower of Orthanc from The Lord of the Rings, and a LEGO Optimus Prime that actually transforms. But custom LEGO builder Joseph Zawada may have just surpassed both of those with his latest creation!

At Brickfair Virginia 2015, Zawada unveiled a massive recreation of Hyrule Castle from one of Nintendo’s most iconic franchises. “It’s based off of a video game, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which is my favorite game in the franchise,” explained Zawada. “So I wanted to recreate the iconic castle in it.”

LEGO Hyrule Castle 1
According to Zawada, this custom LEGO build took him two and a half years to finish, and it breaks down into 40 different segments that require two cars to transport all of the pieces. Zawada also noted that the roof gave him the most problems because he had to learn how to make the LEGO bricks appear to be curved. He cited the top roof of the castle as the most difficult part of the build and he said that a lot of time was spent on the vegetation on the castle grounds and the walls because he was trying to make it appear “as organic as possible.”

LEGO Hyrule Castle 2
When asked how he made the tiles of the castle’s walls, Zawada replied “they were a pick-a-brick element at the time, and I didn’t get nearly as many as I thought, so I had to bricklink them from a place in Scandinavia. So, lots of money went into that.”

Zawada has also posted a picture of his Hyrule Castle build on his Flickr page, with a promise to post more pictures alongside his gallery of previously made custom LEGO builds.

LEGO Hyrule Castle 3
Zelda fans, what do you think about Zawada’s LEGO Castle Hyrule? Pick up a LEGO pot and share your opinions below!

HT: Beyond the Brick and Gizmodo

Photo Credit: Joseph Zawada

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