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Left Shark Is the True Winner of the Super Bowl

From the moment Katy Perry kicked off her Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show, riding atop the White Tigerzord from Power Rangers, we knew we were in for spectacle that would outshine the past decade of wardrobe malfunctions, the consequential baby-boomer friendly rock era, and even Beast Mode Beyonce.


Say what you want about the quality of Perry’s singing/lip syncing and her lackadaisical choreography, the production value of the entire fifteen minute performance was insane. Think about it: we saw Katniss Perry, Girl On Fire, perform “I Kissed A Girl” with Lenny Kravitz/Cinna, sing alongside surprise throwback guest Missy Elliott (whose flippianipaflanyet was it, Missy? The people deserve to know), dance with kawaii beach scene mascots, and then rocket away on a goddamn shooting star. Were you not entertained!?

Of course, the performance produced a veritable gold mine of memes (ALL HAIL LEFT SHARK), so we rounded up our favorites below because we want you guys to lol as hard as we have been. Check out the list below from her Halftime Show video and let us which meme is the best meme of all memes.






SEE YOU IN 2016!


See any other memes that we should know about? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!

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