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Learning the Billy Madison Way — Sexistly I

In 1995’s Billy Madison, Adam Sandler’s first big screen hit, a big dumb dummy named Billy Madison needs to complete grades 1-12 in 24 weeks in order to prove to his wealthy businessman father that he can be responsible enough to run a Fortune 500 company. It proves difficult for the idiot manchild and one of the ways he attempts to learn is for his hot girlfriend (who was mere weeks ago his 3rd grade teacher) to quiz him and if he gets the questions right, she’ll remove articles of clothing. Ha ha, because he likes naked women and he’s dumb otherwise. Charming.

Well, it only took 19 years, but a YouTube channel called Code Babes is taking this concept and actually making it a thing. Evidently, a lot of people who try to code have a very hard time with all of the intricate ins, outs, and what-have-yous involved. So on this channel, using a “Pavlov’s dog on crack” technique, the lessons are taught to us lizard-brained male idiots, who still want to know how to use HTML, using attractive women in revealing outfits that apparently get more revealing the more correct you are. Have a look at the intro.

Man, isn’t it cool and edgy that they’re doing this? Don’t you just love knowing that, if you’re a male, the only way you can process information is through looking at cleavage, and if you’re a female, the only way men will listen to you is if you have cleavage? It sure does make me feel great to know people who’d actually use this service now have the ability to write HTML code. Good for you.

I’m sure there’s a subset of men who want to learn software skills and like it when hot women make fun of them for being stupid while wearing very little, but legitimizing it in this way is pretty terrible. The whole joke of Billy Madison is that he’s an uneducated moron who exists on nothing but id and has only six months to catch up to being halfway smart. Not much of a joke, but it’s a joke. A fictional joke. In a movie, it’s excusable; in real life it’s offensive to everyone.

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  1. torgo says:

    Kyle, quit being a crybaby.  In spite of your efforts, the women are going to show, and us men are going to watch.  Vice Versa?  sure, I have no problem with that.  I’m not into it, but I don’t mind if it’s going on.  See what I did there, Kevin?  I tolerated something I’m not into.  Try it sometime!

  2. WOW_JUST_WOW says:

    You mean to tell me that this terrible misogenistic group of peopleare using attractive scantily clad women to teach men things(aghast). How dare those evil bastards bank on the genetic emparative in such a way. Don’t they know that in order to live in a respectable way in our ultra pc, butthurt friendly world is to self moderate to the poin of neutard asexuality. BASTARDS!

  3. Glaucon says:

    Anyone ever notice how often being “shallow and kind of dumb” is mistaken for “sexist”? If this were a service that used Chippendale models to instruct female coders, no one would bat an eye. How sexist is that?

  4. Tiffany says:

    This is a gross exploitation of biology w out consideration for real world societal consequences. Just bc it can be done doesn’t mean it should.

    • torgo says:

      exaggerate much?  I’m amazed at how half the women are fighting for the right to expess their sexuality while the other half want to bury it mercilessly.

  5. Bob Lamonta says:

    Oh, lighten the fuck up. No one said that was the only way for guys to learn something. Pussy-whipped article….

    • Sarah Stryker says:

      what does that mean ‘pussy whipped article?’
      I want you to explain that to me. I want you to explain exactly what you mean when you say that a collection of words is under the control of a vagina.
      Do you mean that only a woman would have such a negative reaction to Code Babes? And that a man who has a negative reaction must be sexually manipulated?
      It’s a shame, I was ready to agree with you about the heavy-handed-ness of author’s stance, but now I think it is a good position to hold because it just begs all the misogynistic morons to come crawling out of the woodwork.

      you’re definitely not pussy whipped.

      in fact, I can’t imagine pussy coming near you.

  6. Red says:

    Apparently my mobile device was so offended that it wont even let me view the video. I guess I’m grateful?

  7. Totty says:

    I can see this having real-world application.

    If your real world is Swordfish.