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GAME OF THRONES’ Trailer for the Rest of the Season Teases More Than One War

Seven bloody warnings to you, this post contains potential huge spoilers for the rest of season seven from Game of Thrones, so if you  prefer not to know them then pray to the Stranger instead of crossing the Wall of this warning.


That’s all we can say after watching the latest Game of Thrones season seven trailer that was shown at San Diego Comic-Con today for the new season which features new footage. It promises some explosive moments, unexpected alliances, lots of fights, and some answers to question from the first episode.

(Last spoiler warning.)

Like we said, “Whoa.”

Okay, let’s get into what it all means, with the most interesting screen grabs from the trailer.

Based on the previous trailers we knew Melisandre was going to end up back at Dragonstone, but now we know that she’ll be welcomed in some capacity, first from this shot of her standing with Varys.


As well as from this face-to-face with Daenerys in the throne room of Dragonstone.


“I believe you have a role to play, as does another.” The “role” is Daenerys’ part in the Great War with the Others, and “another” refers to Jon Snow.


Melisandre could be the key to getting her to accept Jon’s proposal to work together, which seems like a certainty after we hear him tell the lords of the North and the Vale that Daenerys has dragon fire that they need to defeat the Night King.

Is this Jon at Dragonstone going to meet her? We know he is going to at some point.


At the very least we can see Jon’s orders in the premiere to start training kids for battle, boys and girls, is being followed at Winterfell.


Meanwhile, while a potential alliance between Jon and Daenerys seems possible, it looks like Euron Greyjoy’s mysterious gift to Cersei will definitely prove successful. This is him standing next to her on the Iron Throne.


And we also see him riding triumphantly through the streets of King’s Landing, like a conquering hero.


Even if Cersei does accept Euron’s marriage proposal, her incestuous relationship with Jaime seems stronger than ever. (We altered this photo to make it lighter.)


Speaking of the Iron Throne, we see one way Daenerys might find more allies, as she explains to Randyl Tarly how, “the Mad King’s daughter” is a threat to all of them. Also, that’s the new version of Dickon, played by a different actor this year.


As for the coming battles, we see a might Lannister army standing ready for their fight with the Unsullied.


Are these Unsullied trying to climb the wall’s of Casterly Rock, never before seen on the show or in the books? Those don’t look like the walls of King’s Landing or the Red Keep.


As for that massive 1,000 ship Iron Fleet that will seemingly become a part of Cersei’s forces, it appears to have Yara and Theon worried.


But at least they aren’t still locked in a box dying of greyscale like Jorah. Although the good news is he isn’t a stoneman yet. Might he be actually healing? (We also brightened this shot so you can see him better.)


As for the rest of the trailer, it also has other new footage and shots, but they don’t tell us anything new. But this is the first time we’ve heard Baelish tell Sansa, “Everyone is your enemy. Everyone is your friend. Every possible series of events is happening all at once.”

Stupid Baelish.

So the big takeaways is that Cersei might not be as doomed as we thought, Jon and Daenerys might have the perfect middle-man/red priestess to bring them together, which Jon wants anyway, and Dickon Tarly has a new actor with a cleaner haircut.

Whoa. Well, not so much on the Dickon part.

What do you make of this? Tell us in the comments below.

Images: HBO

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