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Lauren Gregg and Carlos Ramos’ DnD ’83 Rolls a Critical Hit on the Nerdist Channel

If you’re not familiar with Lauren Gregg, either you need to put more points into Intelligence or take a few ranks in Knowledge (local). I say “(local)” because the multitalented artist/illustrator has appeared on our website before. In addition to doing the trippy, ethereal animations for Grape Soda’s “Obvious Signs” music video, she also did the illustrations for a little book that Chris Hardwick penned called The Nerdist Way.

Ringing any bells? Good. You must have an awfully high initiative score, which will come in handy because you don’t want to be caught flat-footed by Gregg and Carlos Ramos’s latest offering, DnD ’83, an animated short premiering exclusively on the Nerdist Channel that transports us from the dull drudgery of the workday to the fantastic Gygaxian escapism of playing Dungeons & Dragons into the wee hours of the morning with your best friends. I’ll let you be the judge, but this cut right through the plate armor of my heart and rolled a natural 20 to hit me with a Vorpal sword of Nostalgia +1.

And if you have an unusually high Listening score (clearly, I prefer 3rd edition), you may have noticed one of the adventuring party is voiced by none other than You Made It Weird guest Johnny Pemberton. Believe me when I say that few people can make it weirder than D&D players; it’s an arcane skill that serves us well when dealing with all manner of liches, mind flayers and Temples of Elemental Evil. If nothing else, consider it a solid primer for the D&D-fueled insanity to come in Zero Charisma. What did you think of DnD ’83? Tell us your best campaign stories in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter.

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