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Is it a Good Sign THE LAST JEDI is Already Completely Finished?

Director Rian Johnson says The Last Jedi is done. Like—done done—three months before it hits theaters. Does this early wrap bode well for the film, or is this a little too early? That’s what we broke down on today’s Nerdist News Talks Back, along with the reports about Stranger Things little potty-mouthed star, a potential show produced by Bill Clinton (really), and the not-so-highly anticipated premiere of Marvel’s The Inhumans.

Piloting the ship today in the host’s chair was managing editor Alicia Lutes, and she was joined by Bizarre States‘ Andrew Bowser, Geek and Sundry‘s Amy Vorpahl, producer Jason Nguyen, and associate editor Kyle Anderson. They set off with the announcement from Rian Johnson that he has completely finished The Last Jedi, a far cry from J.J. Abrams who was grabbing pickups three weeks before The Force Awakens opened. Does this much earlier completion make us feel relief or apprehension, and either way, does Johnson’s efficient work mean he really should have been the choice to direct Episode IX too?

They then discussed the news that young Finn Wolfhard showed up for season two of Stranger Things with a penchant for swearing he picked up on the set of the IT movie. His parents might not find that as adorable as we do, but should Stranger Things just adopt an R-rating anyway, since it pays homage to so many of those movies anyway? And speaking of their old-school influences, are all those promotional parody posters actually hurting expectations for the show?

From there they discussed how Showtime is looking to adapt The President is Missing, a novel co-written by Bill Clinton and James Patterson, which would involve the former president working as a producer. Uh…what? Would we watch this? Or is this a little too much executive branch-executive producing with The Celebrity Apprentice still on the air? Even so, what kind of show would we give Obama?

Finally, Marvel’s The Inhumans premieres next week, and early reviews are :checks thesaurus: shittacular. If that’s too harsh, how about “appalling.” Did anyone want this show? Is it dead on arrival? Or can it be saved despite what James Gunn said?

Remember, Nerdist News Talks Back was live today at 1:00 p.m. PST on our YouTube and Alpha channels, just like it is every weekday. Always tune in live so you can get in on the conversation with us. After all, we have three months to guess whether Rian Johnson is talented at his job, or if he was that kid who shouldn’t have finished his final exam with two hours left.

What do you think about today’s topics? Talk back to us in the comments below.

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