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Could Snoke Really Be the Most Powerful STAR WARS Villain Ever?

We’re so close to The Last Jedi finally hitting theaters we can feel the Force pulling us to the concession stand. On today’s Nerdist News Talks Back we discussed the latest clues and reports into what we might happen in the film, along with what to expect from the future of Star Wars, and our reactions to the first Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom teaser.

Joining host Jessica Chobot today was Nerdist News writer Joan Ford, Nerdist editor Amy Ratcliffe, and Director of Development Brendon Schulze. Before they got to all things Star Wars, they shared their thoughts on the teaser for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom that dropped ahead of Thursday night’s first trailer. What did we think? Why would anyone build an amusement park near a volcano? And is there anything we liked from the first Jurassic World that we hope to see in this follow-up?

Then it was time to hit the hyperdrive and head to the galaxy far, far away, starting with Andy Serkis’ comments on how Snoke is the most powerful villain yet thanks to his “unlimited resources.” Is there anyway this is possible? Could he really be stronger than Darth Vader? And what do we make of reports Lucasfilm gave director Rian Johnson control of their new trilogy without hearing any actual ideas from him? Is this too much faith in one man, or does it just mean The Last Jedi is really good?

Also, during the film’s press junket this past weekend Daisy Ridley walked back her comments about not playing Rey after Episode IX, saying she only meant she assumed that was all she would ever do. Was this whole thing blown out of proportion? Will Rey’s story truly end in the next film?

Finally, Rian Johnson and Daisy Ridley revealed the movie’s first two words: “We’re not.” This means it was time to play our new game Complete That Sentence! We had some idea about how that might go, but does that mean those words take place somewhere besides Ahch-To, since it’s hard to imagine Luke referring to himself and Rey as “we?”

Tune in to Nerdist News Talks Back every weekday at 1:00 p.m. PT when it airs live on our YouTube and Alpha channels, that way you can be a part of the conversation with us. “We’re not” going to enjoy talking all things Star Wars as much without you.

We still want to hear your thoughts on today’s topics, so talk back to us in the comments below.

Images: Lucasfilm

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